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Celebrating life and choosing to live by your own rules.

Offcultured is situated in the middle of mainstream and underground art and media, bridging the gap in ways that celebrate and meaningfully advance the well-being of brave creators everywhere. Pulled literally from “offbeat” and “pop culture,” it’s a lifestyle brand and publication with a slant toward creatives. By recognizing that life isn’t a single straight path that leads to one desired conclusion, we aim to answer the need for more diverse and often dismissed voices. We strive to encourage trusting your rhythm and being open to inspiration as well as positive cultural appreciation, exchange, and education.

Through Offcultured, you just might find your next favorite artist, musician, writer, brand, aesthetic, creative tips and tricks, life hacks, and more. Our sights are set on global trailblazers and mavericks, big and small, regardless of where they are in their journey. It’s not about who did it first, but who and what has our attention now. We’re a company of inclusivity and open-mindedness, and work to keep the spaces we create safe and welcome to all. Here, a diverse array of opinions and ideas can always be found, but we will not tolerate the intolerant.

Offcultured champions the freedom to explore, to express, and to engage with life and love authentically while giving back to communities that gave us our walk, our talk, our vibe, and the audacity to strike out on our own.


Meet Our Founders, the Innovators Behind the Company


Creative Lead | Social Media

An all-around creative, Britt is a writer, editor, artist, and content creator, who has worked in various facets with Scene Magazine (Scene Louisiana), The Nerd Machine, and The Daebak Company, Inc. (Daebak Box, SnackFever, etc.). A storyteller at heart, Britt finds inspiration in all the small things, and can likely be found singing show tunes, catching up on K-dramas, or going on adventures to satiate her natural-born wanderlust. Sometimes even all at the same time.


Operations | Design

Claire is a writer and designer with a penchant for all things creative and crafty; from sewing and sketching to woodworking and baking. She’s a lover of martial arts films, caipirinhas, animals, and cozy socks. When she’s not working on one of her latest creations she’s writing articles, curating dope ass playlists, and heading up the admin operations at offcultured to keep our day to day business on track.


Outreach | Media

Jazi is…drunk. Kidding. But you’re mostly likely to catch her roaming the Internet, chasing her daughter, or with her nose in a wine glass. She believes wine is the one thing humans got right. Equal parts lover and fighter (okay, this is a lie; she will fight you). She’s definitely, definitely quitting her day job.



We work with a global team of incredible regular contributors.

They each bring a unique perspective and are huge part of how we are able to do what we do.



A psychology student and full-time daydreamer, Hamsini is a quiet girl who expresses words better through a keyboard. If not found writing, she is always immersed in a new book, video game or K-drama.



Keeley is a Canadian freelance journalist based out of Dublin — and when she’s not writing, you’ll usually find her curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book (or two….or three). 



Sayantani is a young earthling filled with curiosity and passion for stories. Having worked with companies like The Daebak Company, The Statesman, & the National Bank of Kuwait, she is ready to step into the world as a (real) adult. Find her stumbling through her 20s as she makes countless to-do lists.



Catherine is a college student studying engineering with a side passion of writing and content creation. In her spare time, you can find her going on spontaneous adventures, traveling, baking, and always eating good food.



Douglas Laman is a life-long movie fan and writer whose works have appeared in outlets ranging from The Mary Sue to FilmDaze to The Spool to ScarleTeen. Douglas is also a writer and director of original plays and short films. Residing both on the Autism spectrum and in
Texas, Doug adores pugs, showtunes, Fantastic Mr. Fox and any songs by Carly Rae Jepsen. Having already earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas, Douglas Laman is currently pursuing a Master of Visual and Performing Arts degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.



Tiffany, a self-described multicultural hobbit, is passionate about storytelling, whether it is through writing, photography, filmmaking, or acting, with the goal of creating a dialogue on social issues that will result in greater empathy for one another. She has previously written for Lee University’s Clarion and The Daebak Company, focusing on food, entertainment, and culture. Currently, she is a photographer under the moniker Tiffotography and a food blogger/YouTuber called Tiffoodie. 

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Growing up as a child of the East and the West, Amy’s desire to learn about different cultures only grew. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters in Cybersecurity. In her spare time, you will find her traveling, reading or cheering on BTS. 



Briseida (or Brisa for short!) is a writer and content creator who loves to dabble in any and every creative scene. Studying Marketing with a concentration in International Business she hopes to be able to create content anywhere and everywhere she goes, more specifically for the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find her binge watching anime series, journaling or enjoying one too many cups of coffee.


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