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K-Pop’s Most Poppin’ Year: The Best K-Pop Albums of 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, but K-pop kept us sane with amazing full-length albums from some of the most prominent groups, including BTS, Twice, and GOT7.

It’s always nice when your favorite K-pop group drops a new single. Even better if it’s a mini album! And if it’s a full-length album? Gasp! It must be Christmas! 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, but K-pop has been keeping us sane with amazing albums from some of the most prominent groups. Here’s a list of some of the showstoppers, big and small! 


PENTAGON finally came out with a stunningly well-put-together LP early this year, titled Universe: The Black Hall; showcasing the group’s potential to dominate the industry. Starting strong with “Dr. Bebe”, the album keeps up the pace with songs like “Asteroid” and “Die For You”, which are pure heaven with bass-boosting headphones on! “Talk” is cozy with relaxed guitar riffs, and title-track-worthy “The Black Hall” has a wonderful sequence of intensity spiraling into a darkly mellow chorus.


As one of the greatest rising acts in K-pop, Dreamcatcher is known for their rock-influenced music; standing out from the rest of the K-pop scene. Their LP, Dystopia: The Tree of Language, is the perfect album to share with people wanting to explore this girl group. “Tension”, “Sahara”, and title track “Scream” all embody the signature sound of Dreamcatcher. They also explore other genres through “Jazz Bar”, a comfy jazzy song with heavenly vocals; and the soft, haunting chorus of “Red Sun” will send shivers down your spine in true Dreamcatcher fashion!


BLACKPINK’s album is simply titled, THE ALBUM. Simple, yet apt — it really is the album! A snug fit for eight perfectly-curated songs, THE ALBUM encompasses the whole BLACKPINK brand. The “black” side is represented through songs like “Pretty Savage” and “How You Like That”; both intense songs radiating bad gal vibes while they run the game in high heels. A softer “pink” side is also brought out through “Ice Cream”, a song as sweet as dessert; and “You Never Know”, a riveting ballad showcasing their ethereal vocals. 


Eyes Wide Open is Twice’s first LP since their concept switch-up with Fancy in 2019. With an extremely satisfying roster of thirteen songs, it’s safe to say Twice is probably all you need to last the rest of the year! From the intense city-pop feel of “I Can’t Stop Me” to the suave, womanly anthem in “Go Hard” to the chill, retro vibes of “Say Something”; there’s something for everyone on this album! 


BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 is of the most talked-about albums of the year with the success to match. It covers everything from fears associated with being an artist (“Black Swan” and “Interlude: Shadow”) to comforting, feel-good messages (“Zero O’clock” and “Inner Child”); and a burning observation of anger and baseless criticism in “UGH!”. Map of the Soul: 7 is the only RIAA-certified Platinum pop album of 2020, adding to BTS’ ever-growing list of achievements.


Coming in strong at the end of the year, GOT7’s latest addition to their amazingly well-rounded discography is Breath of Love: Last Piece. With a solid ten tracks to its name, the album embodies heavenly and hopeful vibes in songs like “We Are Young” and “Waiting For You”; proving once and for all that GOT7 has insane vocal ability! “1+1” and “Thank You, Sorry” makes you want to gaze out your window on a snowy evening, deep in thought. (And if it doesn’t snow where you live, you’ll want to pretend it does.) Breath of Love adds a dash of energy to R&B to create the perfect upbeat winter album. 

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