Lorvae Eyewear by De'arra Taylor

Elevate Your Look and Protect Your Vision with Lorvae Eyewear

Founded by De’arra Taylor, Lorvae is a UV 400 eyewear brand that helps the gworls and guys combine functionality with iconic style.

When you’re wearing sunglasses, you’re not only blocking out the haters in style but also protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Understanding how to ensure your sunglasses offer adequate protection is vital. Enter UV 400 — a label that guarantees lenses block wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, safeguarding your eyes from potential damage, including permanent vision loss. This level of protection is why organizations like the Vision Council have designated June 27 as National Sunglasses Day, emphasizing the role of sunglasses in eye health. Lorvae is an eyewear brand that sells UV 400 sunglasses and helps the gworls and guys combine functionality with iconic style.

Inspired by her love of accessories, especially shades, influencer De’arra Taylor created Lorvae in 2022. “If you scroll my Instagram page, probably every single picture I’m wearing shades,” says Taylor in her documentary about Lorvae. Despite initial challenges from gossip blogs, her first collection and promo took the fashion world by storm, selling out in minutes.

In order to deliver top-notch quality, Taylor — a self-proclaimed DEO — ensures she’s fully involved in the brand’s design and marketing process.

“When it comes to every single thing, it ain’t happenin’ if it ain’t ran by D,” she jokingly says, highlighting her close involvement in the decision-making. This hands-on approach allows her to create products that provide a luxury experience as soon as you open your package. Taylor designs each pair of sunglasses by hand, adding her unique spin to classic frames.

Taylor’s creative take on fashion trends shines through each collection with special personal touches:

  • Gem, a crystal-embedded stainless steel pair with rimless frames, was specially designed for her April birthday and inspired by the Y2K trend.
  • The peachy World Wrecker shades from the Valentine collection give insight into Taylor’s chic and stylish ’90s interpretation of the Sweethearts conversation hearts, her favorite holiday candy.
  • With Flashy, Taylor showcases her creative edge with tortoise-shell frames. It’s one example of how Lorvae creates sunglasses that fit any fashionista’s aesthetic and provide an oomph of confidence.

Since Lorvae’s launch, Taylor has taken the eyewear game to new heights, especially with the brand’s first collaboration.

In honor of its second anniversary, the brand partnered with rapper JT for The Twin Flame Collection. The name fits perfectly: Both women are fire signs, and they’re often mistaken for each other due to their similar features. “I knew from day one, my first collaboration with L-O-R-V-A-E, I wanted it to be JT,” Taylor explains in a behind-the-scenes video. “I knew JT was someone I wanted to collab with because she’s just somebody who’s unapologetically herself.”

The limited-time collection features fashion-forward sunglasses with attention-grabbing colors. To further bring the heat with this highly anticipated product release, Lorvae dropped two innovative PR Boxes: De’arra’s Picks and JT’s Picks. The sets include sunglasses designed by the pair, some in colors that depend on which box you buy.

What makes Lorvae truly special is how the brand connects with the community.

Putting the “Lorvae Baes” in the spotlight is how the brand shows appreciation to its customers. The team frequently reposts content featuring supporters styling their sunglasses. Lorvae continuously receives support from Taylor’s community of “OGs”, celebrities like Chloe Bailey, and social media influencers. Built on a strong foundation of love and support, Lorvae has released eight sunglasses collections so far, each elevating fashion standards. Taylor and the Lorvae team add a unique flair to every collection, ensuring their designs consistently WOW their audience.

Lorvae’s latest collection, Oasis, launched online today, giving modern-day Bridgerton, and Lorvae Baes are already ready with credit cards in hand (I know I am). Looking ahead to the brand’s future, Taylor plans to expand Lorvae’s product line to include a collection of prescription lenses and more surprise collabs. We better stay tuned!

Credit: Lorva/De’arra Taylor

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