Seven of 7 Giveaway

Seven of 7 Giveaway: Win a Copy of BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7!

[GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED] In celebration of its release, Offcultured is giving away seven copies of BTS’ latest album, ‘Map of the Soul: 7’! Enter the Seven of 7 Giveaway for your chance to win!

In celebration of its release, Offcultured is giving away seven copies of BTS’ latest album, Map of the Soul: 7 between February 17 and March 22, 2020. The Seven of 7 Giveaway will lead into the second season of The Swim Team Podcast and the YouTube premiere of Hallyu-YEAH!, a quarterly series dedicated to commentary on K-pop, K-dramas, and more.

BTS’ Map of the Soul era is a musical exploration of self and identity inspired by Carl Jung’s map of the soul. The message falls in step with Offcultured’s podcast theme for 2020 that explores the self from outside in, inside out, and areas in-between. 

The Swim Team Podcast

Season Two of The Swim Team Podcast puts the focus on identity; exploring who we are through lifestyles, culture, social circles, and entertainment by way of open and honest conversations from differing perspectives. The first episode takes a look at identity through the scope of fan culture. A video continuation will be available on YouTube soon after the premiere. Hosted by Swim Team Captains Britt, Claire, and Jazi; the new season of The Swim Team Podcast is currently in production to premiere mid-March 2020.


Winners will receive 1 random version of BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 !



  • Entry Period for Website: February 17 through March 22
  • Leave a comment on this blog post with your all-time favorite BTS song or lyric and a topic you’d like to see discussed on Hallyu-YEAH!
    • Note: Both parts are necessary for successful entry
  • For an additional entry, share this blog post on Twitter! Be sure to tag @offcultured and use the hashtag #7of7Giveaway. Link us to the tweet in your comment below!

TWITTER (3 Winners)

From February 24 – March 9, Offcultured will post a weekly giveaway tweet featuring BTS Members of the Week and entry instructions for that period. General steps will be as follows:

  • Follow @Offcultured on Twitter
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  • Reply to the weekly giveaway tweet and:
    • Use the #7of7Giveaway hashtag
    • Post a picture of the members of the week
    • Answer call-to-action, which will be revealed in the tweet
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    • Tag 2 friends (must be real accounts)

INSTAGRAM (3 Winners)

From February 24 – March 9, Offcultured will share a weekly giveaway post on Instagram featuring BTS Members of the Week and entry instructions for that period. General steps will be as follows:

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    • Tag 2 friends (must be real accounts)
  • For an additional entry, share the giveaway image from this post on Instagram, and tag @offcultured with the hashtag #7of7Giveaway

Terms and Conditions:

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Open to U.S. residents only. 
  • One entry per person per platform (Twitter, Instagram, and website).
  • Social media entries do not rollover. You must complete the requirements on each separate post to enter giveaway successfully.
  • Cut-off dates for entries are strictly enforced. We will not consider attempted entries after the designated time period.
  • Social media accounts must be active and real — no giveaway accounts — and in good standing with the accounts of Offcultured, including its creators. 

Offcultured’s ‘Seven of 7 Giveaway’ has no affiliation with BTS, BigHit Entertainment, or any of their associates. All prizes purchased by the Offcultured crew will ship to the winners within a week of receiving mailing information. Responses to giveaway call-to-actions may be used anonymously in current and future Offcultured content, such as The Swim Team Podcast and YouTube series Hallyu-YEAH!. Finalists will be selected at random using a third-party website or app. Winners of the ‘Seven of 7 Giveaway’ will be confirmed based on the finalists’ successful completion of all steps required for entry. In the unlikely event of unclaimed prizes or disqualifications, backup winners will be chosen.

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22 thoughts on “Seven of 7 Giveaway: Win a Copy of BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7!

  1. I love how the song Magic Shop can both make me happy and uncontrollably cry EVERY time I press play. It’s lovely and hopeful. Idol also makes me feel so empowered. I remember leaving a conversation with someone who said some pretty negative things about me that I just didn’t believe and I blasted Idol and the whole time couldn’t stop reminding myself “you can’t stop me loving myself.” Impactful. And it changed me.
    I also LOVE the lyric “all the scars from your mistakes make up your constellation.” from Answer: Love Myself. It reminds me we are in control of our future, our destiny. We create our world with the choices we make. And those choices are what help guide us.

    You guys seem extremely open-minded and nurture a culture of tolerance, love, growth, and responsibility. Since my fav BTS lyric is about learning and growing from our mistakes, it would be a cool topic to read about. We as people make mistakes. We as people have the choice to choose better. To be better. What does that journey look like for different people? In a world of cancel culture, how do we grow and teach each other to be better instead of tearing each other down and be unforgiving? Is it ever ok to be unforgiving? How do you grow from your naivete or your lack of understanding? What does your journey from the choices to be better and do good look like for different people?

    Deep questions. But you all seem like the writers who like to explore and understand people. How do we learn to grow through love and how do we let our anger or passion push us towards growth, acceptance, and change instead of hate?


  2. My favorite song of BTS is lights and maybe you could discuss about how to overcome depression or stopping cyber bullying as our idols are victims to these as well

  3. My fav bts song is Cypher PT4 and I would like y’all to discuss the effects of the early hallyu wave

  4. My favorite song is butterfly prologue version! And it would be great if you talked about the hallyu ban in China!

  5. My Favorite Song Of BTS is The Answer:Love Myself Because it taught us people Maybe The Fans Or Not But This Track or Song Has A Deep Meaning That Help Us To Love Ourselves Too..💜

  6. To me honesty, I love euphoria. I just love those lyrics and I will cry each time when I listen to it. It reminds me of some wonderful days in the past. I don’t know why it just really touches me. All of the 7 members, their beautiful smile, their efforts to the whole group. “Close the door now. When I’m with you, I’m in utopia” I love Jungkook sing that part. This song is the end of their MV series “young forever”. Beautiful friendship, beautiful human. Everything is touching.

  7. My all-time favorite BTS song is We are Bulletproof: the Eternal. This is because of the lyrics of the itself that says ‘We are not seven with you’. Or it also means the 7 members are nothing without the ARMYS. But it is also in the other way around, which ARMYS are completely nothing without BTS. This is because their music has been helpful for some people that are feeling down and hopeless of themselves. Hence, this song actually helps many people out there to chin up again and feel better to live again on this world.

    Next, the topic I would like to suggest to be discussed is that ways of avoiding toxic people in our lives and how to cope when they bring other people down.

  8. My favorite BTS song is Mikrokosmos. You could talk about self love and acceptance, which is a common theme in BTS’ music.

  9. First thank you so much for hosting this giveaway 💖
    Second my all time favorite song is trivia love ✨
    Third, it just came to my mind but I’m really looking forward to an article on “the dark side to BTS stardom” which can have content related to all the difficulties they still deal with like the sasaengs or meeting up with the expectations of being the top band etc.

  10. Spring Day is my all time favorite song. I love the lyrics. Everyone can relate to this song because there’s always someone that we miss, despite th reasoning.

    I’d love to see y’all talk about the most underrated hacks. Everyone forgets or doen’t know about certain life hacks that could benefit them.

  11. My all time favorite BTS song is Just One Day! I love the sound and vibe of the song, it always calms me down and puts a smile on my face. The next topic I’d like to see discussed here is the effect of music on teenage culture and the progression of this idea through the ages! I love thinking about how my parents or grandparents regarded the popular artists of their days, and how those artists affected their lives.
    Here’s the link to my extra entry tweet!

  12. My alltime BTS song would be Answer:Love Myself. Im insecure and a bit of a perfectionist so its really hard for me to learn how to love myself. This song comforts me at the same time teaches me that I can love and accept every part of me.

    Id hope for you to discuss on how hallyu wave started or how hallyu affected the fans’ perspectives in life.

    Heres a link to my tweet

  13. hi! my current favorite song from bts is moving on! a topic i would like to see discussed could be the ideology surrounding music having no boundaries in terms of language as well as the power of their message and how that built their platform on an international scale. thank you!

  14. My favorite song of all time must be either hold me tight or house of cards, or spring Day. I think a good topic would be how bts has impacted fans over time. As well as that how their older fans (those who listened them since debut etc) and how they feel about their change from hip-hop music to pop music.

  15. Its so hard to choose a favorite song but i think if i had to choose it would be sea which is a hidden track. Also i dont know much about what hallyu is so maybe just some context on it!!

  16. One of the things I most love about BTS is the power of their lyrics.
    I especially love Epiphany, when Jin says “I’M THE ONE I SHOULD LOVE …” because it goes against the whole standard imposed on the world, full of people who focus on putting you down. Then, every single time, I must stop and remember: I should love myself, I am important! I don’t have to let people make me sad! Thank you so much, @bts_twt for always remember ourselves we are precious!

    I will love to hear about how BTS and their songs have encourage people to love more themselves and be more happier. TYSM for this

  17. Hi umm Answer Love Myself Because it taught me how to Love Ourselves more than other umm if i will be chose to get the album i will Kept and Say That this Album Is From OffCultured and my only First BTS Album Because I Don’t Have A Money To Buy An Album So I Hope That i Will Be Picked

    My Twitter Account Username is

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