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13 Latin Musicians to Spice Up Your Life

Many Latin artists such as Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny are instantly recognizable to the majority, and here are more popular Latin musicians to check out!

Latin music is renowned as passionate and unforgettable. The first to break language barriers in the mainstream music industry, its popularity has risen since. As a result, many Latin musicians such as Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny are instantly recognizable to the majority.

Here are 13 other popular Latin artists to check out:

Natalia Lafourcade (Mexico)

Modern day music is usually encapsulated by rhythmic electro and trap beats. However, Natalia Lafourcade makes it a point to revive the roots of the Latin community. This singer-songwriter is known for her folk and pop rock music. With eleven Latin Grammy awards and one Grammy award, her success cannot be overlooked.

Christian Nodal (Mexico)

At eighteen, Christian Nodal’s debut album was met with incredible success. The proof can be found with his three Latin Grammy awards. His style blends sounds from the genres of ranchero and mariachi.

Sech (Panama)

Many of the biggest Latin stars come from Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Experiencing a global breakthrough back in 2019, Sech has managed to bring Panama into the Latin scenes. His sensual, soothing vocals brought back the softer side of reggaeton.

Natti Natasha (Dominican Republic)

With a debut single released in 2012, Natti Natasha has been in the industry for awhile. However, it was not until her collaborations with other popular artists in 2017 that she attained the success she’d been dreaming of. Natasha has stated that she was always met with skepticism as a woman. This fueled her to explore many different genres, as can be seen in her discography.

Ludmilla (Brazil)

At twenty-five, she is already considered to be one of Brazil’s finest funk pop stars. Her songs and videos are incredibly versatile with no regards to societal norms; and boldly delivers her musical statements. Ludmilla is also the first Black Latin-American to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Sebastian Yatra (Colombia)

Colombia’s Revelation Singer. That was the title bestowed upon Sebastian for the surprisingly different musical tones when compared with other artists. His songs are noted as traditional, romantic lyrical ballads with touches of modern reggaeton.

T-Vice (Haiti)

T-Vice is a popular Haitian group known for their memorable lyrics and rhythmic beats. They take musical inspirations from reggae, meringue, flamenco and rock ’n roll to deliver songs that would enhance a typical party’s atmosphere.

Rauw Alejandro (Puerto Rico)

With his self-choreographed dance moves and rap flow, Rauw Alejandro is on the rise in the Latin community. His style ranges smooth tunes of R&B to upbeat trap music. Released in 2020, his first studio-length album plays more with reggaeton.

Cami (Chile)

Cami is one of the most promising artists from Chile. With her pop and rock ballads, she fit comfortably into the world of music. The profound, amorous and emotional lyrics — that she writes herself — only add to her ever-growing appeal.

Mau y Ricky (Venzuela)

Brother duo Mau and Ricky are notable for their incredible songwriting skills, having written smashing hits like Ricky Martin’s “Vente Pa’ Ca”. Accordingly, they are garnering recognition for their own music, a blend of Latin pop and reggaeton. Their debut album peaked at No.3 on the Billboard Latin charts.

Ren Kai (Ecuador)

The lead singer of “The Cit”, Ren Kai is no stranger to the world of music. His romantic lyrics encompassed in the electro-pop beats are incredibly catchy and it is clear why he rose in fame in his home country.

Camilo Echeverry (Colombia)

This songwriter has written for many well-known artists like Becky G and Bad Bunny. Apart from his lyricism, Camilo is easily recognizable for his airy tenor vocals. The blend of his voice with his pop songs continues to lure the masses. 

Khea (Argentina)

In a stance to make Argentina known in the world of music, Khea is successfully doing just that within a span of five years. Originally coming from the trap scene, this artist continues to dabble in different genres as he professes his raw lyrics on love and hardships. 

Just as diverse as the people, the music of Latin America can cater to everyone’s taste.
What songs will you be adding to your playlist?

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