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About Offcultured: brand icon

Offcultured is situated in the middle of mainstream and underground art and media, bridging the gap in ways that celebrate and meaningfully advance the well-being of brave creators everywhere.

Pulled literally from offbeat and pop culture, it’s a lifestyle brand and media outlet with a slant toward creatives. By recognizing that life isn’t a single straight path that leads to one desired destination, we aim to answer the need for more diverse and often dismissed voices. We strive to encourage trusting your rhythm and being open to inspiration as well as positive cultural appreciation, exchange, and education.

Through offcultured, you just might find your next favorite artist, musician, writer, brand, aesthetic, creative tips and tricks, life hacks, and more. Our sights are set on global trailblazers and mavericks, big and small, regardless of where they are in their journey. It’s not about who did it first, but who and what has our attention now. We’re a company of inclusivity and open-mindedness, and work to keep the spaces we create safe and welcome to all. Here, a diverse array of opinions and ideas can always be found, but we will not tolerate the intolerant.

Offcultured champions the freedom to explore, to express, and to engage with life and love authentically while giving back to communities that gave us our walk, our talk, our vibe, and the audacity to strike out on our own.

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About Offcultured - Britt - Editor & Creative Lead

Editor & Creative Lead

As an all-around creative, Britt is an editorial professional and certified creativity coach. In addition to offcultured, her work has appeared in Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, Cubby, and Pinterest. Creativity and inspiration are central to her work, whether it’s a product review or an entertainment feature. Regardless of the avenue, she enjoys tapping into everyday curiosity that drives individuals to show up authentically and create a life that truly embodies their vision.

At offcultured, Britt facilitates the organization and development of creative projects and editorial content. She’s also an active contributor across all verticals, with a primary focus on media and entertainment, in addition to social media content and future offcultured programming.

About Offcultured - Claire - Operations & Partnerships

Operations & Partnerships

With a formal background in Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacturing, Claire has a penchant for all things creative and crafty; from sewing and sketching to woodworking and baking. She’s a lover of martial arts films, caipirinhas, animals, and cozy socks. When she’s not handling the day to day administrative operations at offcultured, you can find her contributing to style and art content and leading the production for future offcultured events.

Additionally, she is working on product development for a new quarterly magazine for DIY style enthusiasts.

About Offcultured - Jazi - Media & Outreach

Media & Outreach

A visionary artist nurtured across a spectrum of creative mediums, Jazi defines artistic expression as the union of personal experience, imagination, and intuitive action. As offcultured’s lead for Media and Outreach, Jazi champions our goal of connecting “cool art to cool people” through creator-focused programming and media production. She leverages her experience as a Project Manager, Holistic Life Coach, and consultant to link creatives and their stories to the audiences and experiences that promote their growth and their ability to live well through what they create for the world.

When not scouting for offcultured, she’s hanging with her kids (one furry and one a little less so), immersed in her personal artistry and practice, or out enjoying the ways creativity and culture collide to make life sweet and beautiful.