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Offcultured is seeking contributing writers! 
Let us buy you lunch!

We’re looking for fun and insightful pieces from unique perspectives on a wide range of subjects from entertainment and social commentary to personal essays. 

At Offcultured, we embrace differences between cultures and the various approaches to life that come with them, aiming to elevate unconventional voices and perspectives. Our articles are a reflection of our diverse society and experiences that impact the world around us; both heavy and lighthearted. We consider conversations on things that amuse us just as important as the serious subjects we have to navigate every day. 

“Keep in mind that we are a company of inclusivity and open-mindedness, and we work to keep the spaces we create safe and welcome to all. Here, a diverse array of opinions and ideas can always be found, but we will not tolerate the intolerant. Hatred, prejudice, and bigotry has no room at Offcultured, and where it is found, it will be removed.”

We especially want to hear from marginalized voices, such as those of people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and more. While our overall vibe is that of chatting with your friends, we do require that pieces be knowledgeable and well-written. Also, we are not interested in exploitative works or excessive snark.


2021 Concept: Collective Self-Discovery (#GoIn2021)

We’re seeking personal essays and thoughtful pieces that explore the following themes:

  • The art of being unbothered
  • Internal and social exploration
  • Self-discovery, self-care and self-love
  • Connection to self and connection to others

For more information on our 2021 concept, click here.

Ongoing Content

  • Lifestyle & Culture
    • Current events and relevant issues
    • Personal development, empowerment, education, etc.
    • Friendship, dating, romance, relationships, parenthood, etc.
    • Culture and entertainment pieces centered on marginalized communities (Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, etc.)
    • Global Roadtrip: Put us in your pocket as you go to or discuss places within a close radius of your home that you feel like you left. Show us your favorite food spot, best places to have traditional tea, and libraries you love …just TAKE us somewhere!
  • Books & Media
    • TV/Film – Features, watchlists, reviews, and other TV & film coverage
    • Music – Features, playlists, reviews, and other music coverage
    • Reads – Upcoming book releases, recommendations, comics, etc.
    • Art (Visual) – Artist profiles, exhibits, museums, etc.
    • Hallyu – K-pop, K-dramas, and other articles related to the Korean Wave
  • Creativity & Creators – Content creators, small business owners, people doing the damn thing, creative living
  • Travel – Tools, tips, and other articles related to travel
  • Eco-friendly – Plant care, green living, etc.
  • Beauty & Fashion – Style, make-up, skin care, etc.
  • Health & Wellness – Self-care, mental health, fitness, etc.
  • Louisiana Local – As a Louisiana-based company, we’re always looking for people, places, and organizations in our community to spotlight that align with our ethos.

News and commentary is acceptable for all categories. 
The above list is only for illustrative purposes; please don’t let it limit you. Pitch us what’s on your mind!

YES, photo essays are also welcome!

Compensation: $25 per published post

If you’re an established writer used to making bank for single pieces, there’s a high chance this is not for you. 

If you’re a new writer looking for freelance opportunities and see a well-established company offering a similar deal to Offcultured’s Lunch Box, there’s a high chance you should not work with them. 

We wholly believe creatives should be paid well for their work, and if we could offer more we would (we will as we grow). For now, we’re doing what we can and paying you from our day jobs, so let’s do lunch!


Please submit a one-paragraph summary of your intended article along with two writing samples. If you’ve never worked with us before, please include a brief introduction.

Send your pitch to submissions@offcultured.com with [PITCH] Tentative Title in the subject line.

All submissions will receive a response on whether a pitch has been accepted or rejected.

Article deadlines will be provided upon acceptance of your pitch.