The Best Writing Apps for Creative Writers and Skill-Building

Try these apps and tools for creative writers, students, and others looking to improve their skills, write a book, or curb their boredom.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a writer, a blogger, or just enjoy the art of words, you know that you’ll want to expand your talent over time. It’s good to start with the basics, and before long, you’ll likely want to take it to another level. Though it comes naturally to some, writing is a skill that can improve and transform. There are a variety of styles and creative outlets, and you’ll know which lane is right for you by trying them out. Practice isn’t only limited to jotting down your stream of consciousness in a notebook or blogging about your hobbies and interests online. There are plenty of apps for writers than can help you hone your craft as well.

If you aren’t very confident as a writer right now and want a little help, many different tools can assist you. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on apps and software all of the time, but they can act as an amazing supplement. Apps can take what knowledge you already have and boost it up a few notches. Plus, they can be fun, too! Here some of our favorite tools and apps for writers, students and others looking to bulk up their skills (or simply pass the time).

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The Best Apps for Writers

Note: The following apps are centered on English spelling and grammar.

Spelling and Grammar Apps 

Even if you’re a fantastic proofreader with all of the knowledge in the world regarding spelling and grammar, you’re still only human. Humans make mistakes because we aren’t robots. Spelling and grammar checks come with many programs, but you can stay ahead of it by leveraging apps dedicated to them. They’re great for spotting potential edits and guiding you through a more improved piece of text you provided. Over time, you can learn to catch more of them with your own trained eye.

Thesaurus and Wordplay Apps for Writers

Sometimes, you might get stuck on a word, or worse, have full-blown writer’s block. That’s absolutely fine and happens to most people. When you aren’t able to express yourself in the way that you desire, some apps can provide fresher words so new ideas can flow. Thesauruses and word unscrambler tools can do more than enough to unlock doors that you may have been struggling with in the past. 

Word Processor Tools and Apps for Writers

Fortunately, we live in times when just about every document we use to type things up has many different tools. With these tools, new writers can create something good — even children! Using online docs, you can challenge yourself, track your progress, and sometimes suggestions can be provided along the way. It makes the whole process more convenient and speedier. 

Tools for Writers Who Want to Create Better Headlines 

In case you haven’t noticed, headlines and catchy titles play a huge part in getting people interested. It’ll be hard to get your content seen if no one pays attention in the first instance. You shouldn’t create clickbait, but enticing headlines can do so much for your piece overall. However, coming up with good titles can be quite difficult if you haven’t done it before. Lucky for you, there are amazing tools to help you out. 

Just for Fun

Playing games with words can also help you strengthen your writing skills. They help to improve and refine your vocabulary and spelling. Best of all, you won’t have to think too hard about them while you’re having a good time.

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  1. I love this list of apps for writers! I’m currently using Scrivener for school and work, and it’s been great for both. I also really like Drafts for keeping track of my ideas and writing drafts.

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