We Are What We Choose: An Offcultured Welcome!

Offcultured is many things with a simple root at its core: friendship.

“What is Offcultured?”

This question was posed to our small group, and what was expected was the chaotic cluster of mismatched ideas that typically happens when you put multiple minds together with varied manners of thought. What we got was… a cluster, of course, but a GOOD one. It wasn’t that Offcultured is one thing, Offcultured is many things with a simple root at its core: friendship.

Offcultured is a celebration of freedom to explore, to express, and to enjoy life and love on our own terms that began in an attempt to bring a mental happy place from the mind into some tangible form of reality. It’s meant to give light and solace to an often scary and confusing world without ever taking itself too seriously. It is the atypical and the familiar. 

Beyond friendship, it’s the bond of self with self. In the little pocket of time and space where we let curiosity reign and roam free, we learn more about the world around us and more about ourselves in the process. It’s being fearless about who we are, and using that courage to uplift and be a beacon of good, constructive energy with an open heart and open mind. Adjoining friendship, Offcultured is authenticity.

It’s the answer to a need for more diverse and often dismissed voices speaking their truth. It is a great hope for a bright future for everyone and anyone who encounters it; and it serves as our last stand against closemindedness and ignorance.

Offcultured is friendship, and friendship is Offcultured. It’s the inexplicable dynamic between forces of nature that have solidified a connection because they were brave enough to do so. That bravery culminates in a celebration of friendship, art, culture, and the expression and exploration of all those things put together.

This space is where we can talk about what we love and what we don’t like, dreams we want to see come true and things we’ll never do again. It’s giving back to the community that gave us our walk, our talk, our vibe; and still being bold enough to strike out on our own. Here, we chronicle our experiences, channeling life lessons into something we hope you’ll find entertaining, hoping especially that by reaching out our hands, we can embrace another on a similar path.

Offcultured is friendship.
Offcultured is family.
Offcultured is living, loving, and learning.

Welcome to our place of laughter; feel free to stick around for what’s to come! Underneath the lengthy explanation, it’s really much simpler than it sounds. At Offcultured’s foundation lies its truth:

We just want to create fun things with our friends.

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