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Vibing with ‘Em All: Pokémon We Related to the Most in 2020

Which of these Pokémon did you relate to the most in 2020?

2020 has been an absolute train wreck, and though there were good moments, we definitely don’t want a repeat of this year. So, let’s try to add a touch of fun to our memories with some Pokémon we channeled in 2020! Which ones can you relate to?


Pokemon of 2020 - Garbodor

Garbodor is a walking pile of garbage — but at least it’s a relatively friendly pile of garbage! No doubt we’ve all stuffed ourselves with junk for a good chunk of this year, essentially making ourselves garbage bins… Hey, what’s that smell? 


Pokemon of 2020 - Spinda

A Pokémon that can never move in a straight, cohesive path, Spinda is one of the most disoriented Pokémon ever! A lot like all of us, to be frank — who has any idea what happened this year? We’re so lost and confused, we might as well be tripping on our own feet! 


Pokemon of 2020 - Sobble

An emotional Pokémon, Sobble is prone to cry at the slightest provocation, whether intentional or not. Let’s be real here: Has anyone gone a week without bursting into tears or any other sort of emotional breakdown? It’s okay to let the tears flow!


Pokemon of 2020 - Snorlax

Snorlax is a rather large Pokémon that is capable of eating its weight in food. After it is satiated, it heads promptly to sleep. Does that sound familiar? We might have been a Snorlax during the first few months of the pandemic as we went into lockdown. Nothing to do at home except eat…and sleep…and eat…and sleep… Oh, is it June already?



Speaking of eating, Morpeko is another relatable Pokémon! Although it may seem like a cute little yellow rodent at first, you wouldn’t want to mess with one when it’s hangry. It changes form, and isn’t so cute in its red-eyed, purple hangry mode (okay, maybe it still is cute, but it’s a lot more aggressive)! With all the awful moods 2020 has given us, being deprived of food would not be a pretty sight.

We don’t mean to jinx 2021, but here’s hoping we can turn things around! So here’s the energy we want to embody next year and the Pokémon we can really learn from!



Blissey is an adorable pink fluffball that is said to be filled to the brim with love! It can bring a smile to anyone’s face with its eggs, and always tries (and succeeds!) to cheer up a sad person. In addition, it’s got the highest hit points, or health, out of any Pokémon yet; so we hope we can be like Blissey: endure a lot of damage and still have our health in the green zone!

Plusle & Minun

Plusle & Minun

These Pokémon are two peas in a pod and the ultimate cheerleaders! They can create sparkly pom-poms using the electricity stored within them to give their teammates a huge boost! Why not be the kind of positive energy your friends and family need? They’re sure to reciprocate the support tenfold!



Togekiss is known to be the Jubilee Pokémon, and therefore one of the happiest out there. Of course, there’s no need to push yourself to be happy all the time — just a smile every now and then can boost your mood. And when you’re happy, you get things done and soar into the skies like a Togekiss, which was once a land-bound Togepi full of uncertainty.



The Gratitude Pokémon, Shaymin has pink flowers on each side of its head that bloom to express gratitude. Being grateful for what you have is an important part of self-discovery and can take you higher — just like Shaymin! When its flowers are in bloom, it changes form to take flight.

Which Pokémon do you relate to the most? Are there any others you think would fit you to a T? Let us know in the comments below!

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