December Writing Prompts

December Writing Prompts: A Twist on Home

Explore imaginative worlds of floating houses, tiny villages, enchanted spaces, and more. Fill them however you like!

It’s officially the last month of the year, which means many are entering a phase of reflection. What’s on your mind as the year takes its final bow? The weather cooling down and people spending more time indoors has us thinking about home and the stories found within. From creaking floorboards that feel countless footsteps to a kitchen table that has hosted laughter and tears alike, each corner of home holds a unique story waiting to be told. With that in mind, it’s time to dust off your creativity with a set of writing prompts for the month of December.

Homes with a twist is the prompt theme of the month — or a twisted home, if that’s the spin you want to take. As we go into the month of giving and amped up holidays, consider the togetherness of it all and how it looks different for everyone. For the next 31 days, explore imaginative worlds of floating houses, tiny villages, enchanted spaces, and more. Fill them however you like, from found family and dazzling events to complicated relatives and suspenseful mystery. As always, interpret these writing prompts however you’re inspired to do so. Simply cozy up in your favorite writing spot and let the words flow. Happy creating!

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December Writing Prompts: Homes with a Twist

  1. Ice palace beginning to melt
  2. Clockwork house with endless books
  3. Home inside a giant seashell
  4. A flying mobile home
  5. Mushroom home in enchanted forest
  6. Glistening cave with rainbow reflections
  7. Hidden rooms in a treetop haven
  8. Coral reef observatory
  9. House hovering above a cityscape
  10. Mansion in perpetual twilight
  11. Lighthouse keeper’s interdimensional retreat
  12. Oceanic dwelling made of glass
  13. House covered in living vines
  14. A house with rotating rooms
  15. Moon base with secret gardens
  16. Cherry blossom treehouse village
  17. Spiral staircase through time
  18. Floating homes on lily pads
  19. Home with a mysterious giant flower growing inside
  20. Nest atop a wandering cloud
  21. Abandoned rocket turned residential
  22. Homes separated by suspension bridges
  23. Secret garden inside a terrarium
  24. Hobbit hole in a bustling metropolis
  25. Crystal palace with magical architecture
  26. Underground city with glowing fungi
  27. Floating library in clouds
  28. Floating homes on lily pads
  29. Cliffside sanctuary
  30. A town hidden in a desert mirage
  31. Cosmic caravan drifting through galaxies

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