December Art Prompts

December Art Prompts: Imagined Worlds and Wonder

Craft imaginative worlds of mysterious cities, unexpected dwellings, curious aesthetics, and more.

It’s officially the last month of the year, which means many are entering a phase of reflection. What’s on your mind as the year takes its final bow? The weather cooling down and people spending more time indoors has us thinking about home and the stories found within. From creaking floorboards that feel countless footsteps to a kitchen table that has hosted laughter and tears alike, each corner of home holds a unique story waiting to be told. With that in mind, it’s time to dust off your creativity with a set of art prompts for the month of December.

Homes with a twist is the prompt theme of the month — or a twisted home, if that’s the spin you want to take. As we go into the month of giving and amped up holidays, consider the togetherness of it all and how it looks different for everyone. For the next 31 days, craft imaginative worlds of mysterious cities, unexpected dwellings, curious aesthetics, and more. Fill these spaces however you like, from dazzling events to surprising family (found or otherwise). No matter what, interpret these art prompts however you’re inspired to do so. Simply cozy up in your favorite spot to create and let it flow. Happy arting!

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December Art Prompts: Homes with a Twist

  1. Crystal treehouse in moonlight glow
  2. Secret village on a library shelf
  3. Home inside a giant seashell
  4. A pixelated residence
  5. Mushroom city in enchanted forest
  6. Abandoned train converted into a home
  7. A houseboat with a garden
  8. Dwelling inside a giant geode
  9. Tropical home at the top of a waterfall
  10. Monochrome apartment with cozy nooks
  11. Cozy cabin decorated with candy
  12. Rainbow-colored beach hut
  13. A house with a living roof
  14. House inside a giant pumpkin
  15. Moon base with secret gardens
  16. Spiral staircase through dimensions
  17. Sunflower-shaped home with petals
  18. Residence in an old-fashioned theater
  19. A storybook cottage
  20. House on the back of a giant turtle
  21. Steampunk spaceship home
  22. Homes separated by suspension bridges
  23. Blanket fort for monsters
  24. Vintage caravan with quirky decor
  25. Gingerbread bungalow
  26. Underground city with glowing fungi
  27. Floating village of clouds and pillow forts
  28. A house perfect for a tea lover
  29. Cliffside sanctuary
  30. A whimsical fruit-shaped home
  31. Mobile home on cosmic waves

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Header: Pawel Czerwinski

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