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DJ Yobi Yobz Talks R&B, Experiments with Sound, and Rocking with the Honeyland Festival Crowd

We asked Yobi Yobz about his experience at Honeyland and got to hear what it meant to be playing in his own backyard.

The first Honeyland Festival gave us a taste of culture from every corner of the world. The event centered on music, food, and spirits brought together artists and tastemakers we know and love, and provided the opportunity to engage with new creators contributing to the movement. Offcultured had the distinct pleasure of catching up with rising Houston artist DJ Yobi Yobz, who rocked the crowd away from the Main Stage and made sure the good vibes were felt throughout the entire grounds. Spinning a mix of old school and current R&B, Yobi Yobz kept everyone around him moving whether they were waiting in line for food or playing Cornhole and Connect 4.

It’s evident that DJ Yobi Yobz is a student of music and setting the vibe. Even with the rainy cold weather on Day 2 of the festival, anyone within earshot of his booth was having a good time. We asked Yobi Yobz about his experience after his final set wrapped at Honeyland and got to hear what it meant to be playing in such a big space in his own backyard.

Offcultured (Jazi): This was everyone’s first time at Honeyland. What was it like for you being here for the first one?

Yobi Yobz: I enjoyed it! Yesterday was very fun — today is a little rainy — but yesterday was really good. It was a vibe all day, honestly. I haven’t been able to enjoy myself like that in a long time.

OC: This feels like a primarily R&B festival. What was it like to be out here and show more of your range as a DJ?

YY: It felt great, actually. Because you know a lot of lot of times R&B is kind of swept under the rug as just love songs and you can’t really have fun with R&B, but you really can. It’s just about, you know, song selection. And when you get the right person that can put that together, it’s a great time.

OC: I’d definitely say you had everybody moving out here! When Honeyland Fest comes around again, will you come back?

YY: Yeah, for sure! I know I’m gonna be doing something. You know, anytime anything is in our backyard, we’re trying to get a part of it. [I’m] part of the conglomerate with Lenora, who just finished performing. So you know EdEnt, we try to do our thing. And I’m definitely trying to be on the Main Stage next year.

OC: We got introduced to so many artists through the Honeyland Festival, and you’re one of them. So, it’s good to hear the cross collaboration within the creative community right here in Houston. We’re looking forward to seeing you all continue to grow and get your name out there. What are you taking with you from Honeyland?

YY: I’m taking the experience. This was something I haven’t necessarily done before. I’ve done crowds, but it was different. There were different things that [you] have to take in consideration with a festival full of all types of people. . . .Being in the club, I kind of know exactly what’s gonna go, so I have a wide range of music I don’t get to play often. So honestly, yesterday I was just trying some things and just seeing how people will react to music that I know that I like and it’s good. But, you know, in a club setting is not always the time for that. Yesterday was the time for everything. I felt like I really couldn’t miss with anything I was playing.

OC: I’m glad you got a chance to explore and create while here at Honeyland. It was great rocking with you and looking forward to seeing you next year!

YY: Thank you so much.

DJ Yobi Yobz has enjoyed a busy year that includes co-producing Educational Entertainment’s first NCAA Men’s Final Four Championship Halftime Show alongside Tristo Johnson and Meghan of Soirees That POP! Yobz is definitely an artist who’s serious about the craft and receiving a lot of love from home and beyond. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Header: DJ Yobi Yobz in “Mirror Mirror” MV (Willie Moss; Joseph Dwyer)

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