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Hyolyn Evokes Summer Fun in New EP ‘Say My Name’

Don’t sleep on a summer queen! Hyolyn is back with her second mini album, ‘Say My Name’, featuring old favorites and fresh new tracks to savor.

Don’t sleep on a summer queen! Hyolyn is back with her second mini album, Say My Name, featuring old favorites and fresh new tracks to savor. The former Sistar leader has been doing her thing since striking out on her own; including the formation of her production label, Bridʒ Entertainment, where her music is now channeled. Between touring, collaborative features, OSTs, song covers and the occasional single; the Korean R&B singer has stayed on the radars of her fans (now lovingly and officially called “Bae”), building up anticipation for what’s next to come.

Watch Me While I Do It

The mini album’s lead single “Say My Name” is a reggae-inspired pop track with a hook you’ll be singing along to before you realize it’s already stuck in your head. Through and through, it’s meant to be a groove and intended to be felt rather than pretentiously picked apart for deeper meaning. In “Say My Name,” everything is spread out on the table: it’s fun, flirty, and free; buying into one’s own confidence and allure with the clear understanding that everyone else can see it, too.

Hyolyn continues to be a captivating performer from vocals to dancing to costume changes; in which “Say My Name” has many. The singer moves from flashy street style to sporty-on-the-court to laid-back in sky-high boots to sleek and sparkly bombshell all in a matter of minutes; and it doesn’t stop there. She also rocks a series of pink-loaded looks, such as rich and unbothered in bedazzled tights, the cool girl next door, and pink pop princess. It’s the perfect color to go along with the cameo that ski-masked Mommy Son makes in the video. Matching her powerful soprano voice is Hyolyn’s ability to appear larger-than-life, whether in a pair of stilettos or hightops. It’s all in the energy, baby.

Partially filmed at Stylenanda’s Pink Pool Cafe, the “Say My Name” music video is colorful and bright, adding to the feel of the song itself. Choreographer Aliya Janell brought her talents and twerking to the playful choreography, which includes a fishing move that will have you dancing along. Janell previously worked with Hyolyn on the viral — and undoubtedly sexy — hit song, “Dally”, and can also be seen in a handful of dance videos on Hyolyn’s YouTube channel.

Say My Name

The Say My Name EP is composed of six tracks, with half of those slots taken by some of Hyolyn’s 2018 singles: “Dally”, “SEE SEA”, and “BAE”. Though some fans were initially confused by the older songs appearing on the mini album, take into consideration this is the first time they’ve been on a record, period. Personally, I would have loved to see “To Do List” make the cut, but I’ll gladly continue to play it from my personal music stash.

In addition to “Say My Name,” other new releases include “Morning Call” and “9Lives,” which flank the EP’s tracklist. Neo-soul tune “Morning Call” gives the album a romantic, bluesy start; also reminding us of Hyolyn’s skill of blending both softness and strength into her vocals. As of now, “Morning Call” is the only song on the EP without a video attached to it; but you never know… it just might turn up someday.

Closing Say My Name is “9Lives”, the album’s pre-release single. It’s a love anthem that’s almost the antithesis in feel to how the album began. “9Lives” shows off her belting ability and is performed completely in English. The music video features dancer Nicole Leano playing Hyolyn’s younger self. She dances beautifully in tandem with the actual Hyolyn, who joins her in motion. In a comment on the music video, the singer states, “’9Lives’ is a song that expresses Hyolyn’s love with numbers. The story of Hyolyn [then] and Hyolyn now… How many times am I living now..?”

Over the years, Hyolyn has become synonymous with summer vibes.

There’s a refreshing realness to her music that makes it perfect for listening to over and over again. If you can’t get enough of her voice and performances, not to worry! Hyolyn works hard on her craft, frequently showcasing her talents on social media. 

Don’t forget there’s still a month left of summer, which gives us plenty of time to bask in Hyolyn’s glow.

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