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Jackie Aina Wants You to Find Your Luxurious FORVR Mood

Beauty content creator Jackie Aina writes a love letter to Black women through self-care brand FORVR Mood; providing a starter pack to protecting edges and energy.

We could always use a little more TLC, especially the kind we give ourselves. Lifestyle brand FORVR Mood is setting out to do just that; offering products to set the scene for a sweet session of R&R. 

Founded by the phenomenal Jackie Aina, the brand was announced in July 2020, after some vague tweets that had fans of the influencer-slash-advocate flocking to be ahead of the game by following the FORVR Mood social media accounts. On August 10, FORVR Mood was launched to the world.

The first six FORVR Mood products consist of a quartet of luxury scented candles (purchased separately or as a set), and 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and headbands.

The Self-Care Sensation

Self-described as a “bougie-on-a-budget haven,” FORVR Mood wants you to live your best life without going broke. At a time when many of us are tight on funds and equally stiff when it comes to peace of mind, it’s more necessary than ever to block out some moments to breathe. This Black-owned business writes its love letter to Black women by simply existing, providing a starter pack to protecting edges and energy.

Caked Up, Cuffing Season, Left On Read, and Matcha Business make up the roster of luxury candles, each delivering a different vibe.

Celebrate YOU any time of the year with dessert in the air by way of Caked Up; a party mix featuring roasted pistachio, almond cream, fruit, honey, musk, and of course, vanilla. Cafe lovers can get lazy with a latte, thanks to the coffee and lavender blend in Matcha Business.

Fly solo and forget the world with Left On Read; made up of tropical scents and caramel for an island journey daydream. Cuffing Season so far has been the most popular, walking the line of masculine and feminine with its notes of wood, florals, and citrus. Candle aficionados can get their fix — when the candles restock — for $35 each.

Aina has stated before that she even burns the candles in her own home, revealing that she was getting compliments on the scents before we knew what was coming. The candles have been a hit from jump; selling out on both the August 4th pre-launch and soon after the brand’s official debut on the 10th. The headbands and pillowcases are currently low in stock.

Jackie Aina Speaks Her Mind

Having millions of subscribers on YouTube could cause anyone to be extra mindful of their image; and Jackie Aina is a pro at using her platform. The Army veteran and content creator makes a point to speak up for Black women, both in the beauty industry and life in general; not shying away even in the face of fellow creators or big-name brands, whether they’ve worked together or not. Staying true to herself and the messages she wants to send, Aina uses her voice to empower and inspire; from self-confidence and standing up for yourself to glamorously kicking back.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Aina is working alongside Degrassi’s Andrea Lewis to executive produce the documentary Social Beauty; a look at the beauty industry through the eyes and experiences of Black women who are prominent social media influencers. The film features the voices of Whitney White, Cydnee Black, Shalom Blac, Nyma Tang, Alissa Ashley, and Aina herself.

In a statement from Fiona Crystal (Digitaldash PR) that appears in The Hollywood Reporter, Social Beauty “highlights ‘the success and impact of everyday Black women, turned top social media influencers dominating the mainstream beauty market and changing its standards, one tutorial at a time.’”

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Haven’t Gotten Your Fill?

For more Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her YouTube channel

In addition to FORVR Mood, Aina has also partnered with Anastasia Beverly Hills to create her own eyeshadow palette; and even collaborated with the legendary Naomi Campbell to film this iconic glam session:

Have you found your big mood with Jackie Aina’s FORVR Mood? 
Let us know what scented candle you’d love to bring home by dropping a comment below!

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