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12 Fall Essentials We Love For Cozy Vibes And Entertaining

Want to feel cozy and creative this season? Look no further than these must-have fall essentials.

It’s officially autumn, and that means we can finally look forward to cooler days ahead. If that makes you want to buy a bunch of new journals and start unpacking your sweaters, then you’re in good company! It’s a time for comfort and excitement, with all the big holidays — from Halloween to New Year’s Eve — hitting in seemingly rapid succession. Settle in with warm drinks and cozy reads and don’t forget to check in on your self-care (especially if the S.A.D. kicks in with the shorter days). Fall festivals, fairs, and decorations are springing up as falling leaves are coating the ground in autumn hues. Essentially, from here on out, there’s hardly a shortage of things to see and do.

With all the hustle and bustle of this season, whether you’re indoors or out, it’s only natural to want to feel your coziest and well taken care of. I rounded up our team to get everyone’s favorite fall essentials of 2023, and here they are!

Check out our picks below for stationery, self-care, entertaining, home goods, and more from Target, POPFLEX, Notebook Therapy, and more.

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Arteza 13-Day Halloween Countdown Calendar

Think of this as an advent calendar, but for Halloween! Gift the art enthusiast in your life with this creative countdown calendar that walks you through 13 days of spoopy-themed crafts from painting to claymaking. It also includes tips and tricks to improve your skills along the way!

Get it: Arteza, $50

I Am A Filipino: And This Is How We Cook

October is National Filipino-American Heritage Month, and food is certainly one way to honor it. Driven to uplift authentic Filipino cuisine in the U.S., Chefs Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad wrote I Am Filipino: And This Is How We Cook. The cookbook went on to become a bestseller and a must-have for those looking to learn more about Filipino culture while expanding their culinary know-how.

Get it: Amazon, $23.49

Tsuki ‘Maple Moon’ Bullet Journal

If you’re looking to start up your own art journal or bujo this autumn, grab one from Notebook Therapy. This cozy limited edition Maple Moon bullet journal is available in three sizes (original, A5, and B5), and features a velvet cover, pearl gold gilded page edges, bookmark ribbons, and a convenient back storage pocket.

Get it: Notebook Therapy, $30.98

Our Favorite Fall Essentials: POPFLEX Cloud Hoodie

POPFLEX Pullover
Cloud Hoodie

We’re huge fans of POPFLEX, so of course we had to show it some more love as part of our fall essentials! The Cloud Hoodie, which is available as a pullover and zip-up, is perfect for the fall season. It’s stylishly oversized with strategically-placed pockets for comfort, and comes in a variety of colors from jewel tones to neutrals.

Get it: POPFLEX, $75

Smoothie Powder

Take your green drinks to go with Switchback’s portable packs of smoothie powder. They’re available in three tasty flavors, but the variety pack is the way to go if you want to mix it up everyday. Besides their pocket size, what makes these smoothie powders even more convenient is that you only add water to make them.

Get it: Amazon, $30 (7-pack)

Our Favorite Fall Essentials: Pluto Pod travel pillow


Are you’re going to be traveling in the latter half of the year? Think about upgrading your travel pillow. The Pluto Pod is one of our favorites for futuristic style and undeniable comfort. Adjustable and padded, this structured pillow has a hood attached and an eye mask built in for superior light blockage to catch those elusive Zzz‘s.

Get it: Pluto, $145

Bat Bottle Opener

If you’re throwing a Halloween party or just love the gothic vibes, this bat-shaped bottle opener is sure to set the tone. This kitchen gadget opens wine and beer bottles, so you can use it for far more than special occasions. Thanks to its truly unique and novelty design, it also makes an excellent housewarming or holiday gift.

Get it: Amazon, $18

Solo Stove
S’mores Bowl

S’mores are good any time of the year, but there’s something special about making them once the leaves change and the air gets a little chillier. This tabletop firepit from Solo Stove is specifically designed for conveniently roasting marsmallows. It’s portable, indoor-friendly, and even comes with it’s own stylish bamboo lid for storage.

Get it: Solo Stove, $69.99

Fleece Blanket

As someone with three of these blankets, trust me when I say that Bedsure makes some of the best affordable throws. You can often get a 50″ x 60″ blanket for way less than $15 if you catch it on sale. Even if you don’t, they’re already under $20! These fleece blankets are velvety soft, lightweight, and come in so many sizes and colors that it’s harder to not pick one out.

Get it: Amazon, $10.79

Our Favorite Fall Essentials: Sireni Lip Alchemy daytime lip mask

Lip Alchemy

As the weather cools down this fall, good lip coverage is one of the essentials you don’t want to skip. After all, chapped lips aren’t fun for anyone. This daytime lip mask from beauty brand Sireni is ultra-hydrating with a subtle tint that’s complementary to any skin tone. With its built-in lip plumper, it’s long-lasting and good enough to wear on its own or paired with your favorite lip color.

Get it: Sireni, $25

Jason Wu Beauty Dusty Rose Palette

We love the warm, earthy tones that come with fall weather, and this eye shadow palette from Jason Wu Beauty will add gorgeous finishing touches to your autumn wardrobe. It features matte and glitter shadows in shades of pink, brown, and gold that are highly pigmented and blendable. It’s one of our go-to palettes for everyday makeup, and the fact that it’s so complementary to fall is an added bonus!

Get it: Jason Wu Beauty, $25

Naturium Bio Lipid Repair Body Lotion

For fall, keeping your skin nourished and hydrated is one of the top essentials. This bestselling body lotion from Naturium is plant-based, cruelty-free, and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft. Formulated with omega fatty acids, B vitamins, and shea butter, this lotion absorbs quickly and won’t leave you feeling greasy after it’s applied. Talk about a win-win.

Get it: Target, $14.99

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