Best Art Journal Ideas and Inspiration: Table covered in art supplies, including markers, pencils, and sketchbooks

12 Art Journals That Will Make You Want to Draw More

These impressive art journals will inspire big ideas and inspiration if you’ve ever thought of starting one of your own.

One great way to start up a daily creativity practice is with an art journal. They range from sketchbooks to lined notebooks to bullet journals, and can be filled your creations from beginning to end and beyond. If you ask an artist, there’s a variety of ways to define an art journal. Ultimately, it’s a place to freely explore your sense of expression on your own terms. You can use them as planners, journals, art books, and more — as long as what you create can be found inside the pages.

If you don’t know where to start with your art journal, there are plenty of places to scout for ideas. Additionally, many artists share tips and art challenges that can help you begin. Plus, making an art journal isn’t limited to one medium. Whether you prefer pencils, paint, or paper scraps, there’s room for you to get into art journaling. Need more proof? Look no further than this variety of art journals as inspiration!

@_artistic.n (Nandini)

Simple yet impactful: Artist Nandini fills her art journal with quotes accompanied by a complementary drawing. At times, it includes mixed media like washi tape and scraps of paper. She also incorporates the work of pens, markers, and watercolor to create art that ranges from minimalistic to highly detailed.


Leftyartlover creates incredible 3D and interactive art in her bullet journal. Like other journals, each month has its own theme that’s expanded upon in artistic detail. On her page, you can also find process videos to see how the ideas came to life.

@chia_chiatan (CHIACHIATAN)

Chiachiatan’s beautiful collage art journal features anime-style figures set against dynamic themed backgrounds. Some even have moving parts that really make the art feel as if it’s jumping off the page. The color-coordinated pieces also include a short, dedicated quote for further inspiration. They range from motivating to simple statements for a quick pick-me-up.


With stickers, washi tape, and hand-drawn art, notesncoffees created a planner of dreams. Her monthly themes are warm and cozy with relaxing contents that make you wish you could crawl into the page. She also does monthly flip-through videos so you can check out the theme and its designs from start to finish.

@_.skyfullofstars.__ (Shahnoor)

You’ll find a variety of art journal ideas within the pages of artist Shahnoor’s notebooks. Not only does she have adorable illustrations paired with a variety of quotes, but she also shows off mini journals, bookmarks, and other crafty projects.

@janemaday (Jane Maday)

Illustrator and author Jane Maday’s storybook-esque art journal is the epitome of charming. Each colorful page captures brief moments of her life from lists to everyday happenings at home. Plus, if you love Maday’s art journal ideas, you’re in luck! She’s written a book that will help you jumpstart your own sketchbook journey called How to Journal Like an Artist.

@birdyshomeandlifestyle (Ariane)

Traveler and nature lover Ariane creates mixed media collages that will make you dream of taking off on a wondrous voyage. Romantic and modernly vintage, the page designs feel both familiar and mysterious — like visiting someplace you’ve been before that you can only remember in notable snapshots. In addition to her art journal, Ariane has flip-throughs as well as photos of her creative workspace.

@charizzet (charizze)

Charizze’s monthly bullet journal spreads features painted art from bookstores to cottagecore. Her pages include calendars, reading logs, habit trackers, and more. You can also find bullet journal setup videos and more artsy inspo on her YouTube channel.

@sophiedecort (Sophie De Cort)

Bookmaker Sophie De Cort’s bold art books are full of abstract pieces that inspire creative play. She uses mixed media like collage scraps, pens, markers, and paint on every page; and also repurposes “ugly paper” to turn it into something new. Her pocket journals are handmade cover to cover, proving that journals aren’t limited to the pages withinthem.

@amanitajournals (Irene Diaz)

Artist Irene Diaz knows a thing or two about reinventing herself, and she’s not afraid to venture forward as she grows. She’s been bullet journaling since 2017 and you can see the transformation from then to now through pages and pages of imaginative spreads in many different styles. In addition to her monthly themes, Diaz shares process videos, progress videos, product and gift unboxings, and flip-throughs.

@doodledaydarlings (Gemma)

Gemma’s doodles provide excellent inspiration and activities for art journal beginners. She’s the creator #mydoodlenine, a monthly art challenge that encourages collaboration between artists. Gemma posts videos and images from her sketchbook, journal, and workspace. You can also find coloring pages on her blog.

@livingletterplans (Temitope Manning)

Creator Temitope Manning uses earth tones and nature to make her floral-inspired bullet journal spreads. She shares looks into her monthly pages that include mood and habit trackers, theme inspiration, and drawing guides. You can also get a glimpse into the pens she uses each month and aesthetically-pleasing shots of her creative workspace.

Header: Dzenina Lukac

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