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Sweatsuit Fashion: Comfy and Chic Took the World By Storm

The popularity of loungewear has led to the rise of sweatsuit fashion on social media and beyond for comfy and chic everyday looks.

Do you remember the tracksuits of 2003? Do the Juicy Couture signature sets with the bedazzled words across the bum ring a bell? Nearly two decades later and in a pandemic, this huge sweatsuit fashion trend has come back. Except this time, they tend to be one color with minimal branding. 

In a pandemic, many realized they didn’t need to dress up for no reason; and sweatsuits are a perfect balance of comfy and chic. Even though it may not be traditionally stylish, the power of social media has contributed to the sweatsuit’s viral popularity. Hoodies and joggers have always been popular separately, but coordinating sets are taking the spotlight. 

The beauty of sweatsuits is that it’s very simple to style and throw on in the morning. It can also be styled up and down depending on your mood. Loungewear has become a #1 wardrobe essential.

The versatility of sweatsuit fashion allows for ultimate comfort without having to sacrifice looking good. 

If you want a sweatsuit for warm weather, sets with shorts are super cool. They include crop tops and sweatshorts, a great combo for warmer weather. There are also sets that are cropped hoodies or sweaters and shorts. 

So how did these sweatsuits rise to popularity so quickly? 

TikTok took over our lives during the pandemic. There are over 12.4M views on the “sweatsuit” hashtag, and simply searching the word results in many videos about where to buy sweats or how to style them. Many people’s For You Page (a feed generated by the TikTok algorithm of content it believes you may enjoy) must have been flooded with sweatsuit videos.

However, it’s not only TikTok. Social media as a whole has contributed to the popularity of loungewear looks. For instance, on Instagram, many influencers posted themselves in cute sweatsuit sets. As more people post themselves wearing them, more people see it as the next trend to keep up with and are ultimately led to purchase it.

Sweatsuits are also very accessible. Anywhere from Target to small boutiques normally carry them in a range of colors and prices. There are so many options depending on your personal style, and you can get sets with matching designs or have it pretty minimal or plain. Many people even match more sweatsuit sets with their significant other or friends. With a group of friends, it’s often the same suit in different colors, which makes everyone look super cute and the Instagram pictures are poppin’.

Overall, this hot trend of sweatsuits is something we should definitely not be mad at. When worn, we get to be considered trendy and still be very comfortable without breaking the bank; so enjoy your loungewear in style!

Header: Alexandra Tran

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