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5 Spring Fashion Trends to Brilliantly Boost Your Style

Style is what you make it: Boost up the spring fashion in your closet with seasonal trends that will have all eyes on you.

The start of spring means new fashion trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. Boost up your closet with these 5 trendy pieces that will have all eyes on you:

Dad Shorts

Say goodbye to last year’s Bermuda shorts, and hello to dad shorts! This denim piece calls for a high-waisted, baggier, and shorter fit. Pair with a tucked-in loose-fitting t-shirt, your favorite pair of white sneakers, and a baguette bag for a look that’s effortlessly chic; or spruce it up with a busy top, ankle socks and loafers for a fun, freestyle appearance.

Crochet Everything

Get out your grandma’s crochet hooks and yarn or support small businesses this spring by partaking in the crochet trend! Whether it’s knitted tops, dresses, or a tote bag, you can’t go wrong including a crocheted piece into your outfit. 

Or better yet, make it your entire fit! 

Whatever you decide on will leave you wanting for more.

Sherbet-Colored Dreams

A sherbet color palette will bring so much life to your closet! Indulge in bright pastels that brighten your outfits; including mint-green and sage, corals, lilacs, and bubblegum pink. Having difficulties adding these kinds of colors into your outfit? Here are some ideas:

Start by adding pops of color throughout your outfit to make them the focal point, such as a cute pair of lilac heels and equally cute nails to match! Feeling bold? Take it up a notch and make a monochromatic look out of one of the sherbet tones. It might seem daunting at first, but a single-colored fit is the easiest way to pull an outfit together!

Neutrals for Days

Make neutral shades like brown, beige, creams, and whites the base to your closet this spring. These colors are a great place to build up from and a perfect staple for your wardrobe. Due to the nature of these shades, pairing them with different colors or patterns is an easy way to complement an outfit.

Sheer Pieces

Great for layering or a bold choice on their own, sheer clothing is the go-to this spring! Just decide how bold of a pattern you want to choose for your see-through piece. Any outfit you make calls for an attention-grabbing outfit, no matter what.

A sheer lace top layered on top of a tank and light-wash jeans calls for a bright and fresh outfit that’s perfect for the spring!

Although each of these spring fashion trends can be completely mixed into your closet, don’t be afraid to add touches of your own personal style! Fashion is what you make it and no two outfits have to look the same. It’s the perfect way for you to express who you truly are!

What are your favorite spring fashion trends?

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