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5 Exciting Online Games to Play With Friends Near and Far

From Stardew Valley to Dead by Daylight, look no further for exciting games you and your friends can play together while staying in the comfort of your own homes.

With the growing gaming community, there’s been a constant releases that are perfect for relaxing or an adrenaline rush. But what about those who are new to gaming? Or gamers who want to be able to connect with those they can’t see as often? Don’t fret! Here’s are a few online games you and your friends can play together while staying in the comfort of your own houses.

Good at art? This may be the perfect game for you to win against your friends. Not so good at art? That’s okay, it’s still hilarious to draw under the stress of a timer. This game is like Pictionary but able to be played at home. Up to 12 people can join a room and create funny and chaotic drawings for everyone to guess. Don’t forget to use the thumbs-up and thumbs-down button to show your friends what you think of their drawing. 

Stardew Valley

This super relaxing game allows up to four people to join you on your farm as you form relationships and collect materials to create a thriving town. Stardew Valley captured the hearts of many with its cute pixel animation and its ability to allow you to romance a variety of characters in-game. With approximately 12 minutes equaling an in-game day, you can breeze through a week and quickly bring the town to greatness. 


Looking for something a bit more active and quick-paced? This FPS (first-person shooter) game is quickly growing in popularity and has had some great updates recently. With 15 different agents, Valorant allows you to find what playstyle and abilities can help you succeed. There are four different game modes that allow you and/or your friends to play for a quick game or hours. The main game style allows for two teams of five players, but don’t let that stop you from playing alone or finding new online friends. 

Jackbox Games 

This multiplayer game is perfect for any standard game night. Jackbox has multiple different party-style games such as trivia, fibbing games, and even ones where you can poke fun at your friends. With up to eight people, this may be the perfect game to get you and your friends laughing with each other.  

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is perfect for those who like thrillers and also scarring your friends. It’s a survival horror game for five people: four left to survive and one as the killer. As survivors, you and your friends must find a way to get out alive before you die from the killer. As the killer, you are responsible for finding and sacrificing as many survivors as you can. Nothing like some good murder spree to bond with your friends, right?

Of course, there’s a huge variety of online games out there for you and your friends to play, but these are just a few to get you started. Which online games are your favorites and which ones would you recommend?

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