9 Villagers You’ll Be Animal Crossing-Off Your Dreamie List

Take this as a sign: What better time to completely recalibrate your Animal Crossing: New Horizons dreamie villager list than right now?

Animal Crossing fans are certainly being well-fed this month. We kickstarted March with the Mario update that gave us cool themed outfits and items that allowed players to create their own little Mario course. The functional warp pipes even gave us new ways to get around the island quicker. On the 18th, we got quality-of-life updates, including fifty extra custom design slots! On March 26, we’re getting the much-awaited Sanrio Amiibo cards reissued for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means players everywhere will be changing up their villager line-ups and dreamie lists!

Since villager popularity rankings are going to be turned topsy-turvy, what better time to completely recalibrate your villager list than right now? There are plenty of amazing and adorable villagers who haven’t been appreciated enough; so while we welcome the Sanrio characters, let’s look at other villagers who deserve to be shown some love too! (Sorry, Raymond. Might want to start sharing that spotlight.)


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A bubbly Normal pig villager, Lucy has a music hobby. Her gorgeous home interior reflects that with a grand piano flanked by pretty flower stands on either end. You’d be lucky to catch her doing a piano recital, which she’d be more than happy to do for you, snoooink! Her elegant beige and red brick house is perfect for a more urban landscape; and her innocent rosy-cheeked look really helps complement the aesthetic. 


Animal Crossing dreamie list - Bree
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The mouse villagers in general are highly underappreciated, but this snooty mouse tends to go under the radar often. Bree knows her bobbed green hair is poppin’, and we are HERE for it! Her taste in fashion is great, making her the perfect choice to go shopping at the Able Sisters’ with. Bree’s home will motivate you to make your island worthy of it. Its sleek look screams of an island that has been made into habitable civilization! With such a chic and tasteful interior, you gotta wonder how good her HHA score is. 


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Koalas are another overlooked species, and ol’ Gonzo’s ready to give you an earful. Although he’s a Cranky villager, his warm smile and friendly eyes make him approachable. He’s can give you great advice when you’re running errands around the island! (Just don’t ask him for help with math.) He has a cozy log cabin, perfect for forest-themed islands.


Animal Crossing dreamie list - Rudy
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We can’t get enough of cat villagers, and Rudy is no exception! With a little red nose, large happy eyes, and a wide, friendly smile, he’s bound to liven up any island with his energetic charm and YELLING TO TRAIN THE STOMACH MUSCLES. Rudy stands out from most other Jock villagers since he has the play hobby rather than the standard fitness one; which means you can spend time playing with his train set without worrying about him wanting to do a dumbbell-lifting competition with you. Still… he’ll probably make you YELL TO TRAIN THE STOMACH MUSCLES.


Animal Crossing dreamie list - Gayle
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There’s no such thing as too much pink! This sweet, normal alligator is love personified (alligatorfied?) with a heart on her snout. She has a home chock-full of items from the Lovely series – in case you needed any more reassurance she wouldn’t snap you in her jaws. She just wants to talk about her favorite books and compare you to a coffee-shop fanfic protagonist! If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your cute-themed island, look no further! 


Animal Crossing dreamie list - Wendy
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One of the less-coveted sheep villagers, peppy Wendy is still an absolute sweetheart who only wants to realize her dream of being a popstar! Her eyes make her face look slightly scrunched up in contentment, which makes her all the more endearing. While her home décor is mostly light blue and white, the exterior relies on darker shades for a more mysterious look. Why don’t you pop in and let her go on about Maglevs in Love?


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A smug bear with a penchant for Greek elegance, Klaus probably spent all his savings on the fancy gold rim on his door. (Meanwhile, you’re still struggling with your loan payment.) Nevertheless, if you want someone who carries themselves with regal confidence and charisma – while sitting on the bidet in his bathhouse-styled home and calling you “bestie” – Klaus is the villager for you!


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Sisterly Paula is another bear villager who deserves more love! She’s the rough and tough kinda gal who isn’t afraid to give things to you straight. If you’re throwing a party on your island, she has to be your number one invitee. Better yet, throw the party in HER house. Its earthly and classy furniture coupled with a beautiful starry wallpaper is reminiscent of a dawn sky. You might want to see what Saharah brings for you next time she comes ’round. 


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While he may look intimidating with his beady eyes and fearsome horns, this lazy bull villager just wants to kick back, snack, and relax! (While YOU do all the hard work around the island.) He’s probably the prime example for not judging a book by its cover. If you want someone to talk to food about, Rodeo’s down to tell you all about his grandma’s amazing dishes! His home exterior has the dark and enigmatic look going, making him the ideal villager for a dark academia or horror-themed island. 

Have any of these villagers persuaded you to change up your villager line-up?
Are there other unpopular villagers you think need a boost? Let us know in the comments!

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