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4 Cat Instagram Accounts to Put You in a Purr-fectly Good Mood

If you’re a cat person, you should definitely check out these Instagram accounts!

If you’re anything like me, seeing photos and videos of cute cats and their entertaining antics instantly puts you in a better mood. In a time where many of us are stressed and overwhelmed, it’s important to practice self-care, even in little ways. If following cat-themed accounts on social media makes you happy, you’ve come to the right place! These are 4 Instagram accounts that you should definitely check out if you’re a cat person.


On Catwheezie, art student Em creates original, realistic drawings of cats making funny faces or in interesting situations. In one drawing, a cat doesn’t look too happy being dressed like an Easter bunny; in another, the cat appears to be a hardcore gamer. Another drawing shows a cat staring down a model skeleton, and there’s so much more!

The colorful drawings are based on photos submitted to the account, and each post has both the drawing and the photo so you can compare the two. These cat drawings will be sure to put a smile on your face while you marvel at Em’s talent of capturing the personalities of these adorable felines. 

Instagram: @catwheezie

Cat Shouldn’t

Have you ever found your cat somewhere where it shouldn’t be, like on your kitchen counter or in your bathtub? Cat Shouldn’t is dedicated to showing cats in all sorts of unexpected places! The account’s profile picture shows a small kitten who has crammed itself into a Pringles tin, and it only gets wilder from there.

You can see an adventurous cat who decided that the top of an open door is the perfect place for a nap, and another who wanted to chill out on a horse’s head. The next time you’re upset with your cat for jumping on your table, just be glad they aren’t delaying a train by sitting on its roof!

Instagram: @catshouldnt

Black Kitty Crew

It’s an old superstition that black cats are evil or bring bad luck. As an owner of a black cat myself, I can assure you that that couldn’t be further from the truth! If you’re a black cat lover, you’ll definitely want to check out this Instagram account just for photos of black cats.

From kittens to adults and long-haired to short-haired cats, Black Kitty Crew posts all kinds of adorable black cats. They usually post a few times per day, so you can check the account often for new pictures. 

Instagram: @blackkittycrew

Bodega Cats

Most stores don’t let cats inside, but bodegas in New York are a little different. Bodega Cats shows cats living their best life, perched on a stack of beer bottle cartons or sitting inside a shopping basket. 

We might not be able to travel much because of the pandemic, but this account will make you feel like you’re taking a quick trip to NYC — plus you get to see lots of funny, cute cats. That’s a win-win if you ask me!

Twitter: @bodegacats
Instagram: @bodegacatsofinstagram

Do you have a go-to cat Instagram account to follow to boost your mood?
We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Header: Raul Varzar

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