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Fall-Inspired Charcuterie Boards to Get Deliciously Creative

Get on board with these fall-inspired charcuterie boards and start creating your own fun alternative to dining!

I love fall weather and delight even more in the flavors of the season. This autumn I’ll be serving up fall-inspired charcuterie boards to bring indoors all the comforts of autumn. If you aren’t aware of this newest trend in dining, you’ll be delighted to dive into these. Charcuterie boards are traditionally an arrangement of deli-style cold cuts and cheeses, often paired with fruits and nuts, crackers, and assorted breads; beautifully arranged on a large cutting board.

Today, these boards have put a whole new twist on simple delectable meals!

For starters, what could be more appetizing on a cool fall evening than an assortment of your favorite soups in tasting-size bowls, surrounded by your favorite soup complements? Think pumpkin soup, clam chowder, butternut squash soup, or even the classic chicken noodle.

These don’t need to be made from scratch, grab your favorites from your local deli or even canned.
(Don’t worry, I won’t tattle.)

Fill any size bowl (depending on how many you plan to serve) from a ramekin to a full dinner bowl. Then begin to arrange cubed or sliced sourdough bread — or add a flare with some nann — on the board. Complete with an arrangement of cheeses, add parsley garnish, sliced onions, or even bring in some spice with diced peppers. For an extra added touch of autumn to WOW your guests, hollow out a few small pumpkins to swap out as your bowls!

Now, you can’t think of fall without chili. A variety of chili flavors will create a unique charcuterie board to warm up your table this season. Chilis ranging from traditional to white bean, dressed up with pepper jack cheese; bread, jalapenos, and bacon are just among the few options to pair with this board. There are endless possibilities sure to please everyone at the table.

Alternatively, if you often have friends over for drinks, consider serving up a hot cider or hot chocolate board. Serve the drinks in individual cups that are surrounded by small dishes filled with whip cream, marshmallows, crushed peppermints, or cinnamon. For an adult spin, allow guests to spike their beverages by placing a few mini bottles of liqueur and whiskeys.

Be sure to add a few shortbread cookies for those few quick bites between sips and conversation.

For a more traditional board, fall is the perfect season for apples. Select a few varieties at your local store and slice them up with gruyere, swiss, havarti, and cheddar cheese. Add a few salt crackers or pita chips for a good crunch. To turn this board into a true meal, add a few choice deli cuts like roast beef, mortadella, or salami. Don’t like apples? Try figs and honey with these same assortments and you won’t be disappointed. 

Get on board with these fall-inspired charcuterie boards and start creating your own fun alternative to dining. Salute!

Header: Lasseter Winery

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