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Restless Night Playlist: Underground Korean Artists for the Soul

Check out this playlist of underground Korean musicians to bring comfort in moments of restlessness and calm to your everyday lives.

The thrill of finding new music has to undoubtedly be one of the best feelings ever. The chaos of 2020 led us down a treasure hunt to find new music that could essentially transport us off to a very different reality. We hope this playlist of underground Korean musicians brings you comfort in moments of restlessness; and that this short list is able to bring some calm in your everyday lives.

Se So Neon (새소년)

Named after an old Korean youth magazine, this three-member band creates music that makes one feel as though they are right at the middle of a concert. Maintaining the true essence of indie rock, their lyrics are powerful and relevant. 

Vocalist Hwang So-Yoon has a very unique voice that is both raw and edgy, which is rightly complemented by drummer, U-ju, and bassist, Hyunjin.

Night Off

Duo Neungryong and eAeon debuted relatively recently in 2018, and have brought forth high quality music since then. 

Their music videos are particularly interesting to watch because they come with underlying social commentary. Reflecting the truths of society in ways that are easy and relatable is the selling point of Night Off. Overall, their music has the right balance of melody and silence, making it perfect for long drives and sleepless nights. 


New member to the label Wavy, Jiwoo specializes in the alternative/R&B genre. Even though he is increasingly being noticed recently, he has been around for a while. He was initially a part of the group WYBH under the name Hayake. Jiwoo also has a very active Soundcloud account where he not only makes his own music, but does soulful covers as well! His music almost sounds like he is whispering words of comfort, holding in a lot of warmth. 

Rad Museum

Rad, also known as Camper, is one of the most versatile artists out in the industry today. Singer-songwriter, producer, and graphic artist, Rad Museum majorly uses imagery in their music. The smooth vocals match perfectly with rhythmic beats and are packed with layers of emotions. 

Car, the garden (카더가든)

This artist originally debuted as Mayson the Soul in 2013. Over the years, he solidified his style of music and rebranded himself as Car, the garden which is a play on his real name, Cha Jung-won. 

His art stands as a tale of his personal stories. He has used his songs as a tool of communication between him and his fans, opening up difficult conversations. His body of music is descriptive both in terms of the vocals and the lyrics allowing for the listeners to relate to his story personally. 

To provide you with a wider selection of songs from similar artists, here’s a playlist you can listen to: 

What songs would you add to your playlist?

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