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Spice Up Your Quarantine with these Trending TikTok Activities

Social media has become an outlet for many to spend their time during quarantine. Specifically, TikTok has become a popular platform many use around the world.

2020 became the year of the quarantine and social distancing, thanks to a global pandemic. In order to seek the light during these dark times, different activities started trending in hopes to stop boredom. As always, social media has become an outlet for many to spend their extra time. Specifically, TikTok has become a popular platform many use around the world, creating short 15–60 second videos that range from different genres. 

To keep themselves busy in quarantine, TikTok creators have found different activities to try out, many of them going viral. These trends can be a way for you to spice up your very own quarantine as well!

Dalgona Coffee

Social distancing is great for controlling and containing a pandemic, but it also means no more daily coffee runs for coffee-lovers. Normally, spending even ten minutes preparing a coffee for yourself would seem bizarre. However, this viral trend shows us quarantine has allowed us time to try new things that catch our eye and doesn’t have to stop the intake of delicious aesthetic drinks. 

Although the drink is not new, the trend started in South Korea and was quickly popularized in America through TikTok, catching the interest of many coffee-lovers confined in their homes. This is a perfect drink for you to try if you like a nice creamy coffee; and the best part is how simple and easy it is to make!

So what exactly is Dalgona Coffee? 

It’s a simple mixture of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water — and it looks and tastes delicious. The recipe calls for equal ratios of the three ingredients, and for one serving the suggested ratio is two tablespoons of each. Afterwards, simply whisk until it is thick and frothy. You can hand whisk or use an electric hand mixer. While using the hand mixer would be faster, I personally just hand whisk one serving ratio of the drink and it only takes 10–15 minutes. 

Either way, once the mixture makes small peaks, it is ready to transfer into a cup of milk (hot or cold depending on preference). If done correctly, when added to the cup of cold milk, the mixture will nicely stay on top of the milk, giving a beautiful layered effect. Take a picture of your hard work and enjoy!


If you don’t like coffee, the idea of whipping drinks in general has been a trend. For example, whipped matcha is a great alternative. Now that we have more time just being at home, those extra minutes preparing a drink is a fun activity to buy some time. 

Photo Shoots

Simple and aesthetically-pleasing photo shoots are a fun way to spend your time. This activity causes you to get up and be involved in the whole process – from the styling and setup, all the way to editing the final photo. TikTok has caused a few trending photo shoot ideas that are both clever and interesting. Taking a few of these clever photos also makes it possible to continue updating your Instagram feed, despite the pandemic, with an amazing photo shoot in the comfort of your home.

  • Toilet Paper Roll

Considering the lack of toilet paper in stores, using the inner tube of the toilet paper makes the most of the entire roll, which is important with a shortage. This photo opportunity has been viral with many creators trying it themselves.

All you need is the inner tube of a finished toilet paper roll, a phone or flashlight, and another phone or camera. Using the phone or flashlight (or really any direct light source), attach the tube so the light is shining through it. In a dark room, a circle will be projected onto the wall, and all you have to do is take some pictures in the light! You can also get creative and place a cutout on the toilet paper tube to project the respective shape. This simple extra step really elevates the photo and makes it more special!

  • Newspaper

Something most people have lying around is newspapers, and in quarantine, why not put them to use? The vibes from the photos are pretty vintage, which is nice, but they can also be edited to fit your aesthetic! 

Use the newspaper to create a backdrop for your picture! It works best in the corner of a room as it adds a depth to the photo. Simply get some tape and newspaper and cover an area for the set up. Next, you set up a camera or get someone you are quarantining with to help take photos. 

  • Outside Mirror

This is an option for a cute photo shoot outdoors to get some fresh air in this quarantine, but be sure to abide by the social distancing rules. This shoot can be done in a backyard or the front of your house. The ethereal vibes that come from these pictures are an upgraded version of a mirror selfie.

First, you need to lug a mirror with you outside. Set up the mirror to your liking and take some cute photos and mirror selfies. It looks special because, depending on the angle, you have the sky in the background. Also, if the sun is out, the reflection on the mirror provides a really cool effect!

These three photo shoot ideas for quarantine take advantage of things you have around the house for an aesthetic picture. Trending TikTok photo opportunities just show you do not need much for a cool photo!

Tie-Dye and Bleach-Dye

Unleash your creative side and revamp your closet with this popular trend! Tie-dye and bleach-dye is back in style, and in many stores. It is a style trend that you will probably see people wearing or making on your For You page. With some extra time on our hands, instead of buying this style from stores, why not try to DIY your own?!

In-depth tutorials can be found on YouTube, but it is quite simple. There are many different methods for tie-dye and bleach-dye so the creative choices are all up to you. For tie-dye, you use colored dye and for bleach-dye, you simply use a mixture of bleach and water. From splatters to spirals, this trending activity is a great way to spend some time making some old articles of clothing new again!

Overall, TikTok has caused many fun activities to go trending and inspire people during the quarantine. These activities really show how you can try something new with your extra time. Other than endlessly scrolling on social media, taking a break to treat yourself to a cool drink or to be creative is important. If you’re at home with some extra time on your hands, be sure to try out these trends to spice up your quarantine. Most importantly, stay safe and healthy during these hard times

Cover Image: Tijana Drndarski

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