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TXT ‘Blue Hour’ EP Sets Love and Loneliness at Twilight

The Dream Chapter is officially over as TXT releases ‘Minisode 1: Blue Hour’, an extended play set to bridge the gap between eras for the pop quintet.

The Dream Chapter is officially over as TXT releases Minisode 1: Blue Hour, an extended play set to bridge the gap between eras for the Big Hit Entertainment quintet. The five-track mini album continues from where the first chapter leaves off, shifting from the joy of friendship to the changes that can occur within those bonds.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Big Hit Entertainment)

We’ve said it before: TOMORROW X TOGETHER has a flair for retro-infused tunes. They conquer the art of the newtro style without the music sounding like it’s irrevocably stuck in time.

“Blue Hour”, the title track of Minisode 1, takes elements of disco for a whirl. The Korean title, “5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나”, translates to “You and I, discovered in the sky at 5:53”; representing dusk, the time when the sun dips just below the horizon on the verge of twilight. The song stirs up the flurry of emotions associated with young love, referring to the metaphorical “blue hour” of a relationship.

It holds all the awareness of an approaching end to a chapter; while carelessly imagining that anything could happen at the line between day and night, when everything seems heightened by a touch of magic.

Diverting from darker concepts seen in The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, the music video for “Blue Hour” is vibrant in color, wardrobe, setting, and spirit. Donning crop tops, cowboy hats, and crisp denim and suspenders, TXT dances in fields and in front of a carousel, fresh-faced and infectiously warm. The choreography is notably easier to follow than many of their previous releases, though the boys shared some mild apprehension over dancing with props and clothing in this comeback.

“In particular, there is a part in the choreography where we use hats and coats,” they stated during their Blue Hour press conference. “It was hard at first but we practiced very diligently. We gained a lot of inspiration by watching Jimin sunbaenim’s performance of ‘Filter’ during BTS’ online concert [Map of the Soul ON:E].”

The dance break in the video is a fun line dance that the group encourages fans to learn as they sing of being willingly stuck in the blue hour, leaving lasting memories of togetherness.

The Blue Hour

Considering all of the messages about change and separation, Minisode 1: Blue Hour has many moments of connection, from the aforementioned line dancing of “Blue Hour” to the anthem of “Wishlist”. It’s a method of forming a tether through music to combat isolation we’ve all felt, especially in the midst of a global pandemic that has affected the way we interact with the world.

“There are times when we feel lonely even when we’re with our friends, or feel that we’ll be left alone some time. We tried to express such emptiness in a unique manner,” TXT group leader Soobin explained at the Blue Hour comeback show.

A strength of TOMORROW X TOGETHER is the versatility displayed through their mini albums. In each of their EPs, listeners are given a sample of the group’s capabilities; not only what they’ve already shown is possible. They drop music that’s familiar to fans without forgetting to stretch their musicality muscle with new sounds; further expanding their repertoire.

It’s especially apparent on Blue Hour as the group experiments more with sweeping rock melodies and foot-stomping calls-to-action. 

TXT Blue Hour 3
TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Big Hit Entertainment)

Album opener “Ghosting” sets the tone immediately; settling nicely into the aspect of “self-written teen narratives by the members” as noted in a press release from Big Hit. The pop-rock track has a dreamy vibe fit for a teen movie soundtrack. One could even imagine TOMORROW X TOGETHER making cameos as the heartthrob band at the school dance. And we mean that in the best way possible — It’s a song modeled after the classics. Written in part by TXT members Soobin, Taehyung, and Huening Kai, “Ghosting” addresses the feeling of being left on read and without closure. 

It’s a different sound from what we’ve heard from TXT to-date; along with “Wishlist,” the other rock-inspired tune on the EP. Ringing out like an anthem with its chants of “Say now!”, “Wishlist” covers the anxiousness and enthusiasm attached to preparing a gift for someone you like. Group members Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Huening Kai are credited with songwriting on the track.

The energy of the Blue Hour rises and falls evenly on both ends; though “Ghosting” and R&B banger “Way Home” are completely different genres. The latter of which has lyrical contributions from TXT members Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Huening Kai; alongside Big Hit CEO and producer Bang Si-hyuk and producer ADORA. The peak in the middle is “We Lost the Summer,” a Latin-rhythmed track with contributions from singer-songwriter Charlie XCX. Producer Bang was inspired by Han’s Band’s “Arcade” for the B-side. 

“The song sings of teenagers facing a world flipped upside down amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” Soobin said at the Blue Hour press conference ahead of the album release.

The meaning of “We Lost the Summer” is felt through lyrics like “This nightmarish week, now a month, a year; I want to meet you again, our summer that was shining” and even more vividly:

That endless school break
The repeating morning
Our clock that lost the weather
Is broken at winter

Cause we lost the summer
When we lost each other
Give me back the season
Oh, it’s all gone

During the TOMORROW X TOGETHER Comeback Special: Blue Hour, hosted by Mnet, the group performed “Ghosting”; “We Lost the Summer”; and “Blue Hour”. They also performed a medley of fan-favorites “Cat & Dog” (The Dream Chapter: STAR), a dance break of “Angel Or Devil” (The Dream Chapter: MAGIC),and “PUMA” (The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY); symbolic of the group’s growth in the year and a half since their debut in March 2019. 

TXT Blue Hour
TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Big Hit Entertainment)

Our Youth Is Yours

Prior to the live stage of the medley, the group was shown older videos to see how much had changed; expressing how much they missed performing for MOA, their fandom. They went on to recall the emotions attached to certain performances; such as happiness while performing “Angel Or Devil” and the excitement they felt while exploring a darker concept with “PUMA”.

Those emotions came to a head as TXT completed a group mission to win a key into a secret room. It was filled wall-to-wall with letters from MOA showing love and support. Shortly after they entered, video messages from fans began to play, spliced with highlights of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s career; including the day of their debut, their first music show win, and their first Rookie award won at an awards ceremony.

Vocalist Taehyun was especially moved by a short message from MOA that fellow TXT member Beomgyu read out loud: “If my youth is TOMORROW X TOGETHER, then my life will always be my youth.”

“If my youth is yours, MOA, then my life will always be my youth,” replied Taehyun. He closed with a sentiment that seemed to be felt by all of the members, “My youth is yours.”

The latest EP by TXT, Minisode1: Blue Hour, is now streaming on all major music platforms.

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  1. blue hour is such a bright and catchy song, i’ll definitely have it on repeat for the next month!! great article!! twt: @gentlemanshua

    1. Blue Hour is really a refreshing album and I can easily relate it to what is happening right now. Listening to the songs makes me really in the mood to dance and make ny problems go away. I hope I can be the winner for this giveaway. I would love to have a physical copy of their discography. I am praying hard that I can be lucky. ? @uhhlane

      1. Same I’ve been a MOA for a really long time, but it’s sad how I don’t have even one of their albums. We’ll just have to hope that we can win. Good Luck, I hope you win!!!

  2. The “Blue Hour” MV is such a beautiful song and it’s aesthetically pleasing cinematography just slayed. It was all worth it! They were able to deliver the story that they wanted to tell right at this moment as it focuses on when the world has limits to everything that we could do whilst covid has changed a lot of lives, through this joyful song, we could definitely relate to and express joy with such vivid and refreshing colors. With this song, we can still enjoy our time at home with an instant seratonin boost! Mainly, to see that there is beauty in times of isolation and unfamiliarity. @OT7Luuv

  3. this is my fourth comeback with them, i love their music so much!!! ‘blue hour’ has a unique style that immediately made me fall in love? i loved the concept of the music video too! wishlist is my fav song, it has a special rhythm. also the lyrics of the title track are so meaningful to me? they look so good in the mv specially yeonjun with his pink hair^^ my twitter user is @nottgengar

  4. I always enjoy Britt’s reviews. This one is especially well-written and I appreciate including the videos! Everytime I listen to TXT, I feel nostalgic so I definitely agree with Britt saying the group has a “flair for retro-infused tunes.” Their lyrics and messages are always especially relatable, even though I’m no longer a teenager. I love all the new songs, but I’m convinced TXT has no bad songs.

    My twitter is @tiffunny20

  5. I always enjoy reading your articles, Britt! You’re a fantastic writer and always capture my attention! I am in love with TXT’s comeback already. Blue Hour captured my heart with the beautiful scenery, the outfits, and the choreography. I am so proud of how far TXT has come since they debuted last year and I can’t wait to see what the future will hold for them. I loved their comeback stage, seeing their new performances and some old favourites like Puma. I was also in love with Angel or Devil (Dance Break) version as well! These boys do have a flair for retro vibes like you mentioned and I am here for it!

  6. Hi Britt.? Thanks for writing this article. I loved how you talked about each track on the album and pointed out their uniqueness. Tomorrow x Together’s Minisode: Bluehour is a beautiful masterpiece and as a MOA ( though an international one) I’m really proud of them. As usual, each song is absolutely great. They always deliver great music. I couldn’t stop smiling when I watched the Blue Hour MV this morning, I am in love with the outfits, the music, the colors, everything was really great, and the song is an absolute bop ?. Make’s me want to attempt the choreography even though I’m pretty sure I have two left feet ?. I think the song also continues the storyline from previous albums showing the theme of friendship and drifting apart. The end of the MV seems to insinuate that everything happens in Beomgyu’s imagination, as it was previously shown in the ‘Drama’ MV that he felt left out of the group of friends in the storyline. MOAs have put up different theories(really creative ones ? which attempt to piece the entire story together. The other songs on the album are equally great and unique in their own right. From Ghosting, to Wishlist, to Way Home, each song has its peculiar song and tells its own story, which is really beautiful. I also love the variety that Txt brings to each album, in the sense that they explore different sounds and this shows their range which is really good. I think We Lost the Summer was a really important song, because MOAs could relate to losing their summer to the pandemic, and this was really sad?. It also connects to Our Summer from their first album which is sad, but you might not notice because of the upbeat rhythm it has. Way Home has a slower pace which is perfect to close off the album, it reminds me of ‘I need You’ by BTS with the rhythm and rap(I hope to hear them rap more in the future). The entire album is wonderful and it is a testimony of TxT’s growth since their debut. I am so proud of how far they’ve come and can’t wait to hear more songs in the future. But for now, I’ll enjoy Blue Hour. My Favorite song right now is Blue hour (I really like the colors and the beat?) but Honourable Mention for ‘We Lost the Summer’ and ‘Way Home’. ? Ps – I loved their Angel Or Devil Performance (Dance Break Version) during the comeback show. It was a nice touch and the outfits were *chef’s kiss* Welldone Txt. Tomorrow By Together Fighting! MOA Fighting! I’m proud of you. I will always support you. Saranghamnida. ??
    Twitter – @IammaStunn

  7. Your writing is so good 🙂 I love how you really captured the meaning and vibe of each song in the album! This is my second comeback with TXT, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. All of the tracks in the album are bops, especially Blue Hour. I loved Blue Hour’s lyrics, concept, MV, and melody. My personal favorite side track is Wishlist; I like the upbeat vibes from the song. TXT’s visuals are also fire this comeback loll

  8. TXT’s Blue Hour is replaying over and over in ny head and I’ve been unconsiously singing it!
    It’s really good! I’m proud of my boys.

  9. TXT will never disappoint us…
    We love them & they return our love…
    All of the tracks in the album are wonderful, especially Blue Hour…
    I look forward to more accomplishments for them….


  10. I really like the visuals for this new album and I like that the boys look more mature. Their voices have improved a lot too. Blue Hour is great. Great job TXT.
    Twitter – @seyi_faj

  11. This comeback didn’t surprise me AT ALL. I am actually stunned and completely ecstatic about ‘Blue Hour’. First of all, visuals. The visuals were absolutely perfect and completely broke gender norms. Yeonjun’s soft pink hair that suited the black cowboy fit, Soobin’s dangerous blue hair that brought out the colour of his lips and the creases of his eyes, Beomgyu’s fluffy brown hair that made his brown eyes look more innocent and completely melted me with how tiny he looked, Taehyun and his VERY handsome blonde hair was literally the seasoning of the group and honestly look amazing with the crop top, and Huening Kai’s grown out hair never failed to have me whipped either, making me completely drawn to him and low-key wanting to snatch him in my pocket. Second of all, the VOCALS. I really love how Yeonjun’s voice was brought out WAYYY more this comeback but I really wish Beomgyu had more lines! Did you hear Taehyun’s high notes as well? He literally sings like an angel. Not only these things, I am also in love with absolutely ALL of their b-sides. Ghosting had me in my feelings, We Lost The Summer brought me energy, Wishlist made me positive and Way Home had me thinking about my future as well as my..crush haha… 🙂 All together, this comeback was a massive SUCCESS and broke their own record for how many MV views in 24 hours. Well deserved. I am very proud of my TXT boys and I always will be. Cheers to Blue Hour and the lovely stars of TXT?✨ Twitter: @soobinssi5

  12. TXTs new album has given comfort to many during these difficult times. It’s also incredible to see their journey as artists and songwriters in every album they create. Blue Hour was such a visual treat and a momentary escape from reality. I can’t wait to see what TXT achieves in the future.

    Twt: Joonjuly33

  13. First, I would like to thank you Britt for taking the time to make this wonderful article. And second answering the question …

    From my point of view Minisode1: Blue hour could be defined as a style by itself. Each of the songs has its own unique vibe along with the essence of TXT. It’s like nostalgia too positive to be sad. Also, there is a constant game between innocence and darkness making a great balance.
    Speaking of the MV of ‘5 시 53 분 의 하늘 에서 발견 한 너와 나’ I want to say that I have loved the retro elements of the music as they are well connected with that nostalgia that is in the MV: the leaves falling in autumn, the pastel colors etc.
    From the first moment I saw it, I had the feeling that it is the continuation of Eternally. This is because in Eternally there is a part where Hueningkai finally meets in heaven with the other members.
    From my perspective the video shows us a dream where everyone stays together but that happy time ends with the sunset because they return to reality.

    “The glow of the sunset on my time machine
    Actually I know it will end
    The sun is down down”

    We can see that Beomgyu is the only one who is awake at the beginning in the tree and appears only at the end. It is as if only he is the only one aware of everything that happens. Could it be that they are characters from a book, but is it only Beomgyu who is aware that he is?
    This is just my perspective, and one of the things I like the most is entering and traveling in this world of theories.

    My twitter is: @Vikrokosmos9

  14. I absolutely loved your review! honestly txt are some amazing artists, their ability to experiment with different concepts and each time just nail them amazes me. The artistic ability that they have is so unique. Not only that but the lyrics and messages that are put into their music. They always make sure to tell a story and they are amazing at it too. It hooks in viewers and we just want to see more. I’m absolutely ecstatic to be able to say i’m a part of this comeback and i definitely look forward to what they’re going to bring in the future!
    twt: btsicq

  15. Thank you for writing a well thought out article on them, rather than chicken scratch. I really loved this comeback and the concept was really refreshing compared to a lot of songs in kpop recently. ❤️


  16. oh my God, I was thinking the exact same thing! they do have a flair for retro! but I love how they do it in such a trendy way, like effortlessly mixing it with contemporary beats and melodies. and I love how their concept is always consistent, as in, no matter the theme, it’s always got some whimsical elements to make it more TXT-ish haha! and Blue Hour is no exception 🙂 great article, Britt!!! ?

    twitter: @/svbmxrinx

  17. Thank you for this review!

    TXT definitely slayed this era. All the songs were bop and I can’t stop listening to them.

    twitter: httpchoisoobin

  18. I’m very excited to see TXT taking on new sounds and genres whilst maintaining their signature energy – as much as I loved Eternity, I feel like Blue Hour is a step in the right direction and back on track for their sound and concept. I’m in love with Ghosting, and I was super excited to see that the members had participated more in writing lyrics. I can’t help but wonder if Taehyun’s been listening to Troye Sivan with that final ‘my youth is yours’ comment ? Thank you for your article!
    Twt: @michuang13

  19. Tommorrow by Together never failed to amaze me with their songs! All of their songs are my favorite! But for now, I would say that Blue Hour and We Lost the Summer are my favorites. I really love the way they sing and dance. Whenever I feel depressed, I will just listen to their songs. Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai are my inspirations to continue achieving my dreams. I hope that they produce more and more song that will inspire not just MOAs but the whole world. ? twt: @aykigabrielle

  20. Hi Britt, thank you so much for this informative article and for the relevance you are giving to TOMORROW BY TOGETHER’s comeback, this comeback with their new mini album captures the history and feelings of teenagers living in an unprecedented world in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic and that is one of the elements that I love the most about these musical themes, since they reflect the unification of TOMORROW BY TOGETHER in these difficult times it is good to show the children that in these circumstances we are much more united as fandom to be their support and more with these musical themes and their effort reflected in the enormous turn in their musical genres, also one of the words that most moved me and more in part saddened me than what they commented was “Like everyone else , We were surprised and confused by the situation in which we are experiencing for the first time, and above all, the saddest thing was not being able to have MOA present and not being able to hear his encouragement and what he sings They will join us when we perform on stage “that left me with my heart shattered in my hand, because it is truly remarkable how they take positive energy and make their emotion more intense on stage. However, they said that going through the pandemic helped the band better prepare for the album and Taehyun’s take on “We Lost the Summer” that portrays the current situation, since what is mentioned about teenagers who cannot attend classes and they live in a completely different world and they added that the musical track would be identifiable not only for adolescents but for all those who are suffering the most repercussions and consequences of the global pandemic that we are going through and I want to emphasize that I adore that element too much of the album but especially this track since it does not exclude anyone such as someone by age but includes us all, the boys covered everything so that people who have not taken the time and the opportunity to listen to them or interpret their music see the global awareness that they implemented in their album, because they not only included their experience that they are going through during the pandemic but also a general thought for reflection. And what I noticed is that not only this musical track speaks of a socioeconomic problem since, like his previous hit “Fairy of Shampoo” that remade a popular song from the 90’s that was written when South Korea was facing the Asian financial crisis. And as you mentioned, it fills me with feeling as HueningKai hopes that “We Lost the Summer” will get love and support similar to that of Han’s Band’s “Game Arcade” in 1998 in the middle of 2020; So I hope that it receives the same or stronger support that this beautiful piece of music deserves because it is a tremendous work of art since it contributes with its beautiful melody and its perfect lyrics and we cannot leave aside the unusual and insurmountable choreography that as always This is what TOMORROW BY TOGETHER shows us that their choreographies are dazzling and accompanied by surprising difficulties that shows their effort in each choreography and how professional they are. If “We Lost the Summer” is a song that proves identifiable in the era of a pandemic, the title track from the album “Blue Hour” could perk up minds in a depressing year like 2020. The title track is obviously one. Upbeat pop disco piece which tries to keep up with the pop disco vibe that has started to circulate in the Kpop industry and this is confirmed by Yeonjun who said it is a bright and energetic song overall and they hope to extend the disco vibe that BTS started. And another element that caught my attention is how the members are increasingly extending their self-production and composition in their musical tracks, which was started in the extended playback album of “The Dream Chapter: Eternity” and this shows much more their power acquired in musical versatility.


  21. Hi Britt, your contributions and analysis in this article seems to me that it should be extended much more towards more members of the fandom (MOA) as well as members with more extension of duration in the fandom until the newest since you give them an idea and affirmation of the good choice they have made when choosing TOMORROW BY TOGETHER and it also serves as a great help and guide for the fans that this is their first comeback and you explain the essence of this album too well. How some of the songs from the five-track mini album like “Ghosting”, “Wishlist” and “Way Home” capture the sentiment of teenagers by focusing on the narrative they go through in everyday life and giving your, knowledge of how some members they also participated in the composition of some members also participated in the composition of the songs “Ghosting” and “Wishlist” saying that it helped them to share their stories in a more personal way, as Yeonjun added “All of our members try to write our own story each time that we find time, we are working hard to include, also new material in our next album “, I mentioned this during a presentation of the album” The Dream Chapter: Eternity “and a great example of this is” Maze in the mirror “a pop song dreamy, acoustically elevated and with credited writing to all 5 members, Beomgyu was credited as a co-producer of the song which is on the chart. of songs from a surprising new version of the classic South Korean pop. You can see how each member in each album that passes is honing their vocal power and demonstrating their maturity through the history of each album recounted in each comeback, in “The Dream Chapter: STAR” they sang demonstrating the joy of meeting their friends, referring to their debut with the members as a whole and already in “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC” and “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” the story of the boys who are already hitting the wall of reality is developed which is an event not desired caused by their deviation in a magical moment that disappears in an instant this being because they already have to leave the fantasy world of friendship with the members and run into the problems of everyday reality only that they have their magic island which will soon get out of control and a bit of this theory in the video clip of “Blue Hour” which apart from talking about a bit of the time of Moments Of Alwaysness shows us a bit of the island and what c hen 5:53 passes by, happiness goes away and the overwhelming reality comes; so I hope your article reaches more members of MOA as a better source of information than you would not find many thanks.


  22. I absolutely love your article!! And as a proud MOA, I loved this comeback so so much it really was something else; just when I think this is the best the boys go ahead and top it again and again like how???? Honestly their talent is unreal and I love listening to their different genres over these past comebacks because they have tried so many each with their own unique sound with it too. This album in particular is refreshing and uplifting but like their previous albums it’s high quality and just amazing!!! I can’t stop listening to it they are so talented I am very proud 🙂

    I don’t have twt so here is my Instagram handle: @multifandom_stan05 🙂

  23. I begin by telling you that thank you very much for taking the time to write this article , I was extremely amazed at how beautiful and professional your way of expressing yourself is and you are practically a reliable source of information since everything is supported, and I want to tell you Britt that you This article was simply the most perfect, accurate and necessary to be located at the time of the interpretation of the story behind each musical track, because it is always necessary and important to know that TOMORROW BY TOGETHER shared with us his complex emotions of amazement and fear, while they looked at the sky at 5:53 p.m., the time the sun sets (sunset) during the month of October, the month chosen for the release of the song and album. At this time of the afternoon is the time when the sky is most beautiful, but curiously it is also the time when the shadows quickly darken everything in their path, which is expressed by TOMORROW BY TOGETHER in “Blue Hour” at see included in the song this lyric “Because you are you, you are the only one I love, everything changes with the glow of nightfall, you and I are beautiful, because of the imagination before the bright orange magic in that sky is I finished at that moment Can you feel the emotion? I freeze this moment “, And ed that a fact that can make you love more than you can (than you already do) to TOMORROW BY TOGETHER is that the name of the fandom (Moments Of Alwaysness * MOA *) was released in 2019 neither more nor less than exactly 5:53 pm time in South Korea so this music track should and has to receive much more support and love than what has been given to it you have to be much more constant since Stream’s goals are one of many means that we have to show and convey our love and gratitude and of course our support and it is super important for them to know that we understand the message they want to convey to us and also, how does someone in their right mind not support tremendous art museum that is the mini album with each work of art that are the musical tracks? starting from their new superior looks undoubtedly from Yeonjun, Soobin and Taehyun that their looks are the reincarnation of the soft colors of the MV of “Blue Hour” is something that really caught my attention, and if I’m honest with you, the fandom and myself I think that the looks of HueningKai and Beomgyu should not vary much since from my point of view the dark coffee and the black are beautiful and perfect in all but that they do not change them for me there is not so much problem and what else to say of their clothes in the choreography of “Blue Hour” with those soft colors that bring a visually beautiful peace and this allows you to enjoy the song much more but not leaving aside the insurmountable costumes of “We Lost the Summer” that for my part really It is fantastic because between these two songs there is a duality that makes your heart race and remember to support these musical tracks and more with this contribution so complete and truly essential and informative and of cours Britt, I thank you again for this beautiful analysis and take your time for it.


  24. First of all, thank you so much for write this article! I’m really happy and proud because of this 5 special guys, they bring me heppiness everyday!
    I really enjoyed this comeback, I’m totally in love with all the album songs and the concept is so cute. My favourite song of this album is Ghosting, and I listen to the whole album about 8 or 9 times a day, this is a complete bop. I’m really grateful for them and for all the things that they do for us MOA, they care about us so much!

    Twitter: Maripands25

  25. The article was really a mind blowing. The ordinary comeback of our boys was transposed into a big blow articles and facts about the background story of each song in this era. Txt made every mind and heart of MOAs blast with messages. How sweet. Stream blue hour everyone and continue loving our babies, TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

  26. Hey Britt! I’d love to say how well you’ve written this article, and your brief description on each track were on point! I completely agree, the boys have their flair towards retro infused tunes, and the way the use it in their songs are just so beautiful. Not to mention how they have a variety of genres they touch and yet somehow retain ‘their’ touch to it, from ‘coming of age’ kinda tracks, to RnB bangers, then hints of Rock every here and there, and Beautifully calming and meaningful ballads, their range is impeccable and they always seem to surprise us with every comeback, making us anticipate more and more with so much excitement! The members, from taking part in writing and giving in their best to make a wonderful song, their diligence in making sure they execute the performances well, to creating a beautiful album with so much going into it, uhhh TXT never disappoints. This album, talking about the hardships and tough times we’re going through right now, has songs that are pretty jovial and comforting, just what we needed, and that honestly does make this album all the more special and heartwarming.
    Once again, I really appreciate this article! 😀
    Twitter: @BooTaeKoook

  27. i really do like this era Minisode 1: blue hour because it is so refreshing. I love how they let us see what they can do more as a 4th Generation Leader and as A Young artist.
    i really hope I do win this GA. and thank you for this opportunity.

  28. I’m always so happy when TXT releases a new album because the albums never have skips and a beautiful concept. When they said that they’ll release a song about the summer we lost because of the pandemic, it made me so happy that they wanted to talk about it to make us stronger for what is still about to happen. I hope they’ll keep up with the hard work and give us more reasons to laugh and live our life happily. ?
    twt @tae_hun95

  29. I was so excited for ‘minisode 1: Blue Hour’ to be released, and of course TXT did not disappoint!! Personally, my favourite thing about this album is how different, yet similar, each song is. It caters towards so many different music tastes, and yet with each song you can tell, especially as a MOA, that it is a TXT song just by the way it sounds. There is honestly no other way for me to describe it. My personal favourite is ‘Wishlist’, I knew from the second I heard it’s preview that it would be my favourite song of this album, I just love it so so much!!! I truly hope all MOAs had the same magical experience as I did when I listened to this album fir the first time :)??

  30. Tomorrow by Together never disappoints with their new comebacks. Every song in their albums is amazing and MOAs are always excited to hear them. Britt did a great job describing their concepts, and it’s always nice to see how TXT comes up with new ideas. From the Dream Chapter: Star to Minisode 1: Blue Hour, there is no bad song in their albums. Their refreshing concepts and talent always succeed in keeping their fans interested. I’ve been a fan since they debuted, and my favourite song from Dream Chapter: Star was Cat and Dog. It was really hard to pick a favourite song, since every time I listened to their songs I would pick that one as my favourite. Since the day I became a MOA, my bias has been Taehyun. I love his personality and his talents are above anything I could say. Each and every one of the members is very talented, and that’s why they don’t have fixed positions. All of them can sing, dance, rap, and they are all visuals. I remember when Taehyun said he couldn’t rap, but then he rapped like a god in their cover of Boy in Love. When Dream Chapter: Magic came out, I was extremely happy. Just after watching the teasers, I was telling my friend about how excited I was. From the Dream Chapter: Magic, my favourite track is New rules. Every time I would to it, I wanted to start dancing because of how good it was. This was also a very hard choice to make since Magic Island was also one of my top favourites. It’s really hard to pick a favourite song when all of them are so good. When the pandemic hit I was very sad. I couldn’t go outside, and neither could I meet my friends. What really saved me was Dream Chapter: Eternity. It made me feel really happy when I listened to it, and my favourite song was Can’t You See Me. This song really helped since I felt that people didn’t understand me. The lyrics “Friends don’t understand me” really stood out since I was starting to feel isolated in my thoughts. Whenever I felt sad I would listen to TXT, and they always made me feel better. This recent comeback has got to be my favourite, and that too for a number of reasons. First of all, the songs were lit (like they always are), and like always I couldn’t stop listening to them. Second of all TXT released the album during the week that I had exams, and I was really stressed. Every time I got too stressed, I would calm myself down by listening to one of the songs from the album. I find it really hard to pick a favourite since all of the songs are just too good. I can say that besides loving all of the songs, Blue hour is my favourite. I can’t stop listening to it, and I’m seriously addicted to it (not in a bad way). When they won an award on The Show I was so happy, because I felt that they really deserved it. It’s always great to see the new concepts that TXt comes up with, and they have never released a bad song. Overall I love them a lot and thank you so much Britt for doing a marvellous job writing this article. ?

    MINISODE1: BLUE HOUR IS LEGENDARY!!!!!!! It’s not just an ALBUM, its World Domination, Culture reset, the positive thing in your life, your first love, everything that you need and love
    The songs are perfect !!!!??
    And Thank You So Much for holding a GA !!!❤️❤️

  32. First of all a greeting Britt, for me it is a privilege to be able to come and comment on this article so well written and constructed, I believe that in the very near future you must be a columnist for an entertainment magazine because I felt that I was reading a magazine from entertainment or show because I really loved your narrative lyric too, I love how when you think that TOMORROW BY TOGETHER will no longer be able to surprise you in a comeback and not kill you with choreography and vocals literally hugging and literally spectacular come and leave you more than amazed and stupefied and at the same time they leave you with an incredible existential crisis that is only resolved with the publication of another album but this adrenaline is what leaves the surprise of their incredible musical and conceptual innovations in their versions published in the albums and their taste in trying different styles as seen coming from “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC” with the theme “New Rules” which is from alternative punk genre with a bit of hip-hop and in the same album offer a song like “Roller Coaster” which belongs to the New Jack swing genre of the 90’s and you can also see the song “Magic Island” you can appreciate the acoustic pop genre and now we see another facet with a new variety that this new minialbum offers us: Blue Hour in its main theme “Blue Hour” we see the presence of the disco genre and in “We Lost The Summer” it is a dancehall cut -pop with notable tropical overtones. If there is a musical act that can capture the multifaceted nature of youth, it is TOMORROW BY TOGETHER, with shoes so large to fill according to the music industry TOMORROW BY TOGETHER has formed in a refreshing, innovative and unique way from a youthful social feeling a distinctive path , own and unique finding a unique voice along the way. TOMORROW BY TOGETHER has since become one of the biggest and most promising acts in kpop, all in less than two years and it is important to see that TOMORROW BY TOGETHER since their debut have won accolades in South Korea and abroad and They debuted achieving i Tunes World Album in 50 regions being the group with the most Roty records and when you think this and say it out loud you feel so Wow and the pride that they feel much more and they even appeared in the Teen Vogue magazine and this shows much more than TOMORROW BY TOGETHER as they pass the time they come through achievements and thus gaining more experience, even they themselves comment that they hope in each EP to be able to show and transmit their maturity in the musical path and this was demonstrated in their new EP that immerses into various new genres for TOMORROW BY TOGETHER that it’s really shocking to see how they played genres like Nugaze and future R&B, while telling a story about guys being forced to per stay on the edge of the real world during blue hour.

    Twt: @TinicuteB

  33. this is my first comeback with txt and all i can say is THIS ALBUM IS A BOP AND GOD-TIER!!! as a teenager with the same age-group with them, all of the songs resonates with my life as of the moment and this album is my personal favorite (sorry, tdc: magic). i can’t stop myself from listening to all of the songs, thank you so much txt for the wonderful performances and i hope that they’ll bring their 2nd win later! thank you taehyun, soobin, and yeonjun for participating in producing some of the b-sides!!! and thank you so much for this giveaway!! twt: @seokjinmyloml

  34. I am very thankful that I stan TXT and be a part of the fandom (MOA). I really like the tracklist on Minisode1: Blue hour. My favorite track is their Title Track “Blue Hour.” The songs are so good and I love it. They are one source of my happiness, they give me hope, and they are one of my inspiration. They never disappoint us every time they have a comeback. So let’s support and love TXT forever. @alishakiss

  35. I’m thankful for TXT and I’m glad that they’re happy doing what they love! My favourite track is “Blue Hour”. Their songs are so good and they make me happy listening to them. I hope they continue to stay healthy and stay safe! MOA’s are always there for them! My twitter is @theboyzluvr

  36. Thank you very much for this beautiful article Britt, I love how much you explain everything well founded, the truth is that that phrase about youth made me cry too much because for TOMORROW BY TOGETHER I give a lot of time that I practically do not have for voting in these days that we have stream goals I walk practically like a zombie because I hardly slept at all because I have my university homework on one side and my time dedicated to TOMORROW BY TOGETHER because the stream is not only about Blue Hour but also about The whole album itself and also there to upload views in the other songs since we are very low in views in the others, in this album let’s say that they did not help me much with the number of songs to be able to say that I have a favorite because I love the five songs seriously I was too delighted with all although sometimes I can say that the one that represents me the most could be “Ghosting” because it gives me an energy in the day that I feel that I float and the worries go away little by little but this is where my dilemma comes in because with “Blue Hour” you feel especially excited when you listen to it and you feel that everything will be fine in the day, but not only is my dilemma left there since “We Lost the Summer “knocks on the door of my heart with its tropical touches in its rhythm and sincerely I love it too much more its choreography fascinates me in a way I don’t know if some of them happen that it is too complicated to be able to choose a favorite musical track, because I see that some Of a single they already tell you their favorite and they are one of the people of whom I am very surprised. It is like the ones you ask: “What do you feel was the member that stood out the most in this comeback?” And then first of all it is a question nor should it exist because each one has its own essence of which they are responsible for applying it very well in each album, but those monsters come that without hesitation or blink to say who it was that stood out or that is Sometimes they are like the questions you ask yourself in your head that do not let you sleep, for me in this comeback everyone showed off in an incredible way that I can tell you that some of them may have some other favorite because there is always a weakness for Some of them but please in TOMORROW BY TOGETHER the one that is not OT5 with a small weakness cannot be MOA because the name MOA is given to the person who will be there defending and supporting ALL THE MEMBERS that is more than clear. “Blue Hour” is always in charge of drawing my attention in one way or another for the use of extra costumes and accessories and also if they have not seen or paid attention to the presence of dancers with them is something that You have to pay attention because there were always the five of them now there is more interaction of more people with them on stage it is something new it may not hurt some but it is very interesting to see how they are taking such maturity from and to put choreographic support of entertainment in the stage that is to applaud because they do not allow themselves to be overshadowed or in other words they always stand out as the beautiful talented boys that they are that should not surprise anyone, Britt your article is so indicated to take it and share it as an online magazine that everyone reads and Look at the potential put into TOMORROW BY TOGETHER who are the leaders of Gen Z and let’s just say they prove to be an excellent example of social awareness. Which is now the focus of the much speculated generation Z and they show how not everything is lost and how they can be an example to follow.
    Twt: @AbigailG_ARMY

  37. Thank you very much for this beautiful article Britt, I love how much you explain everything well founded, the truth is that that phrase about youth made me cry too much because for TOMORROW BY TOGETHER I give a lot of time that I practically do not have for voting in these days that we have stream goals I walk practically like a zombie because I hardly slept at all because I have my university homework on one side and my time dedicated to TOMORROW BY TOGETHER because the stream is not only about Blue Hour but also about The whole album itself and also there to upload views in the other songs since we are very low in views in the others, in this album let’s say that they did not help me much with the number of songs to be able to say that I have a favorite because I love the five songs seriously I was too delighted with all although sometimes I can say that the one that represents me the most could be “Ghosting” because it gives me an energy in the day that I feel that I float and the worries go away little by little but this is where my dilemma comes in because with “Blue Hour” you feel especially excited when you listen to it and you feel that everything will be fine in the day(this is the first part of my comment is that cut)
    Twt: @AbigailG_ARMY

  38. I really love your article, sometimes I am speechless when I read articles like this and knowing that there are people capable of writing such an article seriously leaves me astonished because as you write it is too dynamic, that is, I read this and I do not get tired at all and I tell you that I am one of those super demanding readers who read something so that for everyone they are fine but I do not know why it is or what is wrong with me that I say bye to those readings but reading this article and seeing how you spoke One of the insurmountable and unbeatable TOMORROW BY TOGETHER I was stunned that is, I even felt like the comeback was coming again and everything is that I really do not love it for nothing I hope your articles in the future have much more support than this I come here to leave a comment about my side of reality about how I am handling this chapter of limbo that the boys have now waiting for the next EP and I am not going to lie to you I am too anxious that already n or I know where to start starting that they have been a deep sea of ​​emotions because we started with that no more of the EP of “The Dream Chapter” and to me nobody can tell me that he will not miss it I am literally with the snot lying already because I became very fond of this chapter that I ended up seriously, they were songs that for me in my opinion can never go out of style in the fandom because it really is too unfair that new songs come and you leave behind the new ones that speaks very badly of someone who is a fan or I can understand that there are songs that are not approved by some because they do not like the genre or perhaps they misunderstood the message that the boys wanted to convey in the composition of the song and even if you do not believe it, it happens, I have seen many cases about it and it’s very worrying; I loved the way TOMORROW BY TOGETHER organized for this album, it is good to say that the pandemic seems to have given them their space to develop their ideas much better and more to create a floating world where they are waiting to know how the story can continue until now or how it may not continue and be an innovation, but hey with TOMORROW BY TOGETHER you never know; They developed this album in order for us with fans to obtain or absorb some things from this new album because through this new album it shows that they want to share with their fans hope and positive energy which every time I listen to them or see them act. is what they transmit to me they are always like a sun in all the darkness that tries to enclose you in this society plagued with social corruption.And above all they showed that they want their fans to see that regardless of any distance that distinguishes us we are all connected from heart to heart and it shows that their objective in each presentation is that no matter what happens they always show a smile on stage and that we observe them and that we try to gain some energy, what I love most about this album is the variety that this what It will allow you to realize that the album is about times so that you can listen and relate to each song based on your own experiences per sonal, because everyone is going through difficult times, so they hope to be able to cheer up by cheering us on completely, it shows that that’s what they want the most, honestly in this comeback they completely blew it up are the sets in that video of “Blue Hour” that left me with my mouth wide open seriously as is always expected of them that they grab you from the side that you never expect and what else can I say their looks let me know spellbound, I really loved each photographic concept of the album I sincerely love each album I always try to keep an eye on what it is and what theme they used to make that session for that version and so on since I saw the first album I fell completely in love with them but surprise the world hates me and I can not pay for them as you wish, sometimes it is painful to see how everyone enjoys those albums but they give you one of those envy calls for good because you love That many enjoy that album I teach it is beautiful I would like to know what it feels like to be able to touch or see your photos no longer digitally, but in person it would really be like please never wake me up from that beautiful and good dream Thank you very much for this opportunity I hope to be able to have a chance and greetings.
    Twt: @ yamirodriguez48

  39. this article is very well written it was really interesting to read!! the new album is so comforting and exciting for me to listen to and i really love the concept. im in love with everything in this comeback and id really love to have the album. twt: @hyunsbians

  40. This comeback was really a bit of everything, I am truly amazed at how TOMORROW BY TOGETHER have grown musical, vocal as their way of dressing without being afraid of everything and also showing that clothes have no gender that speaks so well of them because now if in This album listening to their voices was speechless because in some parts of the album’s musical tracks it was difficult for me to be able to identify their voices from each other because they have obtained a growth and vocal maturity that even leave my hair on end, now they as leaders of Fourth generation kpop in a world that pays more attention to gender than the essence of talent they always show that they always differ from others in the music industry always working very hard to show their best in all aspects, I think their strength is that they work with a range of diverse genres and try to make a perfect performance for each and everyone. Also a very notable goal in them is to show progress as artists with each project.

    Youth dreams and elements are suitable for this time, as everyone would rather be in a dream state. They have consistently incorporated these elements into their music and message. These themes are important to their music, they are Gen Z artists, so their musical contributions always lead to wanting to deal with the emotions experienced by their fellow generations. “Dreams” and “youth” are key elements, his series “The Dream Chapter” dealt with stories of meeting friends for the first time, doing a bit of mischief together, as well as facing conflicts with reality that tries to separate their friends. These stories are an ongoing narrative of growth and change, which I hope has been and will continue to be relatable and comforting to fans and other audiences that is what artists strive for: to grow, and to be able to comfort and empathize. You can tell that they always tell their stories through their albums. They have addressed concepts of sleep and youth in their albums because they are very important values ​​and moments for anyone, including ourselves. They have told stories of being excited and making friends, venturing into a bit of adolescent deviation together and finding a bit of discord in their friendships; thankfully many people have let them know that they have had or are going through similar situations, I think they have shown great growth through their “The Dream Chapter” series, and they have really strived to become artists who can bring insight and comfort through music. Therefore, it has been important for them to talk about the values ​​that matter to them and that they have made a priority in their music. For them those are dreams and youth. It is beautiful to see that no matter the distance and that they could not start the much desired world tour or some other programs outside of South Korea they are always doing their best to keep in constant contact with their fans on Weverse and with their inevitable updates on Twitter. which I am always looking forward to, it does not happen to them that they update the photo or the photo once and you miss them again because that is me I am always missing them a lot, from this album I do not have a favorite music track I am still trying to find one favorite but each one has something with which I feel too identified which makes my choice really difficult because the genres and types of rhythms played on each track touch my personality in different ways so if I am OT5 with the members then I am also OT5 with the musical tracks it seems.

    Twt: @xxximygkkk

  41. This comeback was really a bit of everything, I am truly amazed at how TOMORROW BY TOGETHER have grown musical, vocal as their way of dressing without being afraid of everything and also showing that clothes have no gender that speaks so well of them because now if in This album listening to their voices was speechless because in some parts of the album’s musical tracks it was difficult for me to be able to identify their voices from each other because they have obtained a growth and vocal maturity that even leave my hair on end, now they as leaders of Fourth generation kpop in a world that pays more attention to gender than the essence of talent they always show that they always differ from others in the music industry always working very hard to show their best in all aspects @xxximygkkk

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