October Art Prompts: Dreams, Journeys, and Creatures Unseen

Unlock your imagination and step into a world where dreams become a whole new reality.

Hopefully, wherever you are, crisp autumn weather is making itself known. There’s something about it that riles up the imagination, isn’t it? With changing leaves, colors transform and it’s like the wind whispers secrets of dreams yet to come. October is a time of transition, when days grow shorter and nights stretch longer. It creates a rich atmosphere of magic and mystery, where dreamers can thrive. As the world outside transforms into a tapestry of vibrant colors, so too can your creative world come alive with the power of dreams.

Having that mood in mind, we’ve set our October theme as Dreamscapes. For the next 31 days, we invite you to join us as we delve deep into the realm of these dream-themed art prompts. From the surreal escapes to secret rooms, these prompts are designed to help you think outside of the box and exercise your creative muscle. There are a number of ways to interpret these ideas, so remember to have fun with it! Grab your sketchbook, a scrap of paper, or tablet, and let your dreams take flight. Happy creating!

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Credit: Ron Lach

October Art Prompts: Dreamscapes

  1. Candy-colored skies
  2. A mystical encounter
  3. Forgotten prophecy
  4. Garden carnival
  5. Secret library
  6. Cosmic adventures
  7. Forest dreamscape
  8. Time-travel
  9. Boat voyage
  10. Childhood memories
  11. Parallel universe
  12. Falling through dreamscapes
  13. A nightmare becomes beautiful reality
  14. Mythical beasts
  15. Dream fragments
  16. Journey on the sea
  17. Surreal cityscape
  18. A whimsical dream dimension
  19. Talking animal
  20. A sentient oasis
  21. Underwater dream world
  22. Future love
  23. Magical realm
  24. A lost paradise
  25. Portals
  26. Enchanted castle
  27. Alien landscape
  28. Hidden treasure
  29. Guardian creature
  30. A ghostly presence
  31. Alternate reality

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