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Green Friends: Low Maintenance Plants for Your Home

When the house gets a little dull and boring, there’s nothing more mood-boosting than sharing your space with fresh and lively roommates: plants!

Now that we’ve all been stuck at home for quite some time, the house can get a little dull and boring. It’s hard to keep your spirits up in moments of pandemic. However, there’s nothing more mood-boosting than sharing your space with fresh and lively roommates.

I mean plants. 

Plants help us reduce stress and overall improve our well-being. Greenery creates a sense of comfort around us and not only do they purify the air, but help lower the background noise! Incredible, right? 

Plants in the office space help workers be more productive and happier, some researchers claim. Just like that, most of us need inspiration to get creative and do stuff instead of slouch on the couch all day long (really hard not to when you are stuck at home, I know). 

Sadly, not all of us are great at understanding the plants’ gentle needs but here are three types of plants that won’t request your most utter attention but will definitely change the mood in your room. 


Aloe vera is everything one could ask for. It is not very demanding; occasional watering and bright, but indirect sunlight are all you should provide it with. It also can grow in the same container for years so you don’t have to worry about its roots running out of space. What makes it so special and cool is the fact that it can actually serve a purpose. Instead of buying aloe vera scented products and whatnot, you can have your own endless supply! It soothes the skin, has antibacterial properties, can lower blood sugar levels, and has many other benefits along the way. Overall, a very therapeutic and unique plant – it will make your life so, so much better. 


One of the most tolerable plants out there is definitely the snake plant. It’s evergreen, aesthetically-pleasing, and requires little to no care at all! One important tip here is to have the plant grow in free draining soil because it can easily rot. Other than that, it doesn’t need anything other than some indirect sunlight and occasional watering. In fact, it’s better to let it dry before you consider moistening the soil again, especially in the winter. The snake plant has the ability to clean the air better than most indoor plants as it emits oxygen and filters toxins. Place it next to your desk or in your home office and it will immediately boost your good mood and help you feel overall happy with life. 


If you are looking for something with colorful flowers in addition to the greenery, the Christmas cactus is perfect for you. Every early winter, this type of cactus produces dark pink or red flowers; and for me personally, it’s like a little Christmas gift I look forward to every year. In fact, if you are lucky, the plant blooms around Easter as well! 

There are few simple rules you have to follow in order to enjoy the blossom in abundance. For best results, find the brightest spot in your apartment and moisten the soil frequently when the flower is in its blooming season, but otherwise, the magic is in ignoring it! If you want to have more flowers, you can put the plant in complete darkness during the night and in the brightest spot during the day, starting late November. If you don’t have time for that, however, the Christmas cactus requires very little of your attention to do its own thing. 

Do you already have one of these plants in your home? Do you plan to get in possession of one of those green babies soon? Let us know in the comments below! 

Stay safe! 

Cover Image: Jackie Tsang

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