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‘Start-Up’ K-Drama is a Powerful Portrayal of Modern Youth

‘Start-Up’ portrays the youth of today and places their dreams in the realities of the world.

Times have changed.

This sentence comes with a lot more meaning and weight now more than ever. While the year 2020 has been difficult, this experience was, in a lot of ways, shared by everyone. By staying indoors and reducing physical interaction, we relied on television and technology to make up for the loss; and just like that, K-dramas became our best friends.

Although there were several commendable dramas to choose from, Start-Up, became the talk of the town very quickly.

The drama starts out with the story of Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy), a hardworking woman dreaming of a life starkly different from her own, and her complicated relationship with her successful sister, Won In-jae (Kang Han-na). We see Dal-mi’s character as one who strides on without letting her challenges and failures define her.

Placing her narrative on the center, the storyline branches out by introducing the everyday struggles of a mathematical genius and CEO of Samsan Tech, Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk); and Dal-mi’s first love, Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho). This love triangle that was born out of their interactions has managed to stir up debates and discussions. However, while the main characters lead the storyline, the supporting figures give it meaning.

Start-Up portrays the youth of today and places their dreams in the realities of the world. 

In all of the merging storylines and instances of success and failures, the fictional world of Sandbox managed to show the viewers the rewards of working for themselves. The start-up sector has been up-and-coming in the last few years; breaking the barriers of traditional conglomerates and situating power and authority in the hands of those who have vision and passion.

Start-Up stays true to the flavor of the K-drama world by showcasing the story amidst beautiful soundtracks, motivational shots and comic punchlines. At the same time, we see these characters face dilemmas that we often would in the real world.

The system that we have come to live in is harsh and competitive.
The ability to take ownership and control while retaining your own vision is a rather enticing opportunity.

Dramas like Start-Up serve as a source of motivation and a reminder to, simply, dream on. This drama became one of the most-watched dramas this year and rightly so.

We needed a positive reminder, amidst all the chaos, that the future doesn’t have to be so dull and scary. The bumps on the road are only part of the journey and not the whole journey in itself. There is a possibility of growth and no matter if you’re Team Do-san or Team Han Ji-pyeong, we hope that you were able to relive and trust your dreams and aspirations. 

Is Start-Up one of your new K-drama favorites?

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