BTS Halloween Dance Practice 2017 - Go Go

BTS Dresses Up and Gets Down for a Sensational Halloween Celebration

In 2014, global phenomenon BTS began an October tradition of annual Halloween-themed dance practices that have been beloved by ARMY ever since.

It’s not uncommon for South Korea’s top performers to release official dance practices of some of their biggest hits. Filmed in studios without the use of major cinematic effects, these videos give fans an intimate glimpse into the challenging steps of their favorite artists; and in some cases, a laid-back look at the talented entertainers goofing off between eight-counts. Artists such as SEVENTEEN, Hyolyn, EXO, BLACKPINK, and many others have put their moves online; and in 2014, global phenomenon BTS began an October tradition of annual Halloween-themed dance practices.

Costumed from head-to-toe, the BTS members do their best to follow through with their known-to-be intricate footwork, no matter how obstructive the outfit may be. These playful antics have prompted ARMY to look forward to what tricks and treats the group will pull out next. Here’s a look at BTS’ Halloween dance practices over the years:


What do you get when you put together Dracula, Jack Sparrow, Chucky, Papillon, Charlie Chaplin, The Joker, and the Grim Reaper? A band of misfits for BTS’ first-ever Halloween dance practice, “War of Hormone,” from their 2014 full-length album, Dark & Wild. Watch as the group members completely immerse themselves into their roles for a wickedly fun time.

2015: DOPE 

Character onesies, a sorcerer’s robe, and Gudetama, oh my! Beware of falling hats… The Halloween version of “Dope” aired as a special performance during BTS’ Halloween Party on V Live before it was integrated with Weverse. “Dope” first appeared on the 2015 mini-album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1, and again on 2016’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.


While the “Dope” music video isn’t Halloween themed, it’s packed with costumes and personality that make it just as fun! Watch it here:


An anthem of empowerment for women, “21st Century Girl” was released on 2016’s Wings, and served as the background music for BTS’ silliest Halloween practice to date. Between Jin’s horse-riding cowboy, Jimin’s bok choy, and Jungkook as a giant bunny, cartoonish hijinks were sure to occur.

2017: GO GO

For the first time, BTS members wore coordinated costumes in this fairytale-themed practice. After a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will play the heroine, the group appeared festively dressed as Snow White and the Seven Six Dwarves to perform “Go Go,” a catchy stand-out from their 2017 album, Love Yourself: Her. Now, if only they could get their shoes to stay on…

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  1. I love these Halloween performances! Always so funny to watch as they dance to these bops!

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