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Fall Streetwear Trends You Need to Hop On Now

Here are some fashion pieces to incorporate to your closet for the perfect fall streetwear wardrobe!

As we head deeper into the colder months, finding ways to keep warm while also being on trend doesn’t need to be a chore. Here are some fashion pieces to incorporate to your closet for the perfect fall streetwear wardrobe!

Puffer Jackets

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Bring Winter BACK ❄️☃️

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If you’re looking for a way to appear stylish while putting in the minimum effort, then a puffer jacket is a great piece to try out. While doing its job of keeping you warm, the jacket’s comforting size works as the main focal point to any outfit. Pair it with some straight pants and your favorite sneakers for a minimal fall streetwear look.

Oversized Blazer

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All black for Monday

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If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that nothing brings more comfort than when oversized clothing looks as good as it feels to wear. An oversized blazer won’t only keep the chilly winds of autumn out, but when paired with contrasting form-fitted pieces, it works together to create the perfect outfit for any fall outing.

Patchwork Jeans

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Mix and match ?

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Patchwork jeans have come back in style in the greatest way possible. These pants were all the hype in the ’60s and ’70s; and with fashion trends slowly repeating themselves, it’s no surprise they’ve returned. Pair it with a top and shoes within the color palette of the jeans for coordinated street style.


Whether it’s the jacket, pants, shoes or accessories, (faux) leather is the way to go. A leather piece adds timeless flair to any outfit and never goes out of style. Finding the right piece for your wardrobe is really up to you!

Platform Boots

Step up any outfit with a comfortable pair of platform boots. These shoes are all the rave for the fall and a great way to add edge to any outfit. Pair them with cargo joggers and a hoodie for a casual look.

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we like to coordinate our fits??‍♀️?

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Platform boots can also go with more sophisticated pieces, such as straight leg pants and blazers, for a fun night out. However you decide to wear these boots, they fit just about any style!

Fashion is what you make it, and no two outfits are ever alike. With varying taste for aesthetics, styles and color palettes, coming up with the perfect wardrobe and staying on top of trends is ultimately whatever works best for you. 

What fall streetwear trends are you stocking in your closet?

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