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How to Plan Your Event Without a Major Breakdown

It’s true that event planning is a challenge, but you can totally do it with the right outlook and preparation.

There’s a distinct type of stress that event planning brings out. No one seems to be moving fast enough, no one seems to be listening to you, and it looks like nothing is coming together properly until the very last minute. WHEW! Life is stressful enough, right? Still, if you find yourself in a position to plan an event, it’s good to be aware of the potential stressors ahead of time in order to keep your cool. Event planning is a test of management over time, people, and reactions. However, how great is it when you finally make it through the planning stages and get to see all of your hard work come to fruition? If you’re lucky, any headaches over organizing the function will be worthwhile.

We’ve rounded up some basic tips to help you plan an event from location to budget, no matter the theme. It’s true that event planning is a challenge, but you can totally do it with the right outlook and preparation. Before you know it, you’ll be able look around and see everyone having a fantastic time.

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Plan An Event with These 5 Starter Steps

Pick the Perfect Venue 

The venue has an impact on the success of an event, but you don’t need to book the Four Seasons to make the function work. Consider what’s going on at your event: Will there be a live band? Look into spaces with stages or space to set up instruments. Will there be entertainment and games? Look for venues that offer plenty of floor or maybe even something outdoors. As long as there’s enough space for people to be engaged, socialize, and participate however they choose, they’ll have a good time.

Catering is Your Friend

No matter the event, people have to eat. If charcuterie isn’t your forte and you don’t want to spend hours cooking in the kitchen, tag in some help. Hiring a caterer is the best way to ensure your guests are fed and happy while you focus on arranging everything else. You can pick your catering based on the scene, so companies like Twisted Taco Express would be perfect for a Mexican-themed event, or you can just choose something that everyone likes. There are multiple methods of sorting out the food, so take your time to find selections that suit the vibe.

Get the Best Deals 

Of course you want your event to be a success, but you also don’t want to go over budget, especially if it’s all your money. Therefore, you can get the best deals through recommendations and networking with your friends and family. This approach can help you score discounts on services, such as the DJ or transport, so you can funnel money elsewhere to take the event to the next level. 

Have a Disaster Plan 

As much as you plan everything down to the last second, there’s always a risk of disaster. They could be literally weather-related, like sudden thunderstorms, or worse, they might come directly from your guests. Whatever the case may be, planning for emergencies will help you avoid issues, injuries, and even liabilities. It may be worth hiring security or appointing someone in charge of safety to ensure you can act quickly if things go awry. 

Don’t Take Too Much Advice 

Believe it or not, there’s such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. While you might not feel confident planning an event all by yourself, you should still stick to your vision. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, but too much contrasting advice can get complicated. Try to tune out those who don’t have your ideas or best interests in mind. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress by not bending over backward to accommodate everyone. Don’t forget: Trusting your intuition is a skill in itself.

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